When Marcello Mastroianni met Federico Fellini

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Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni in 1990, at the Venice Film Festival, 30 years after "La Dolce Vita" .. © Wikimedia Creative Commons CC0 4.0 by Gorup de Besanez

By: Pascal Paradou

During his long international career, the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni (1924-1996) was one of the only ones to have twice won the prize for male interpretation at the Cannes Film Festival, 1970 and 1987.


Ten years before his first award, he plays another Marcello, the main character in a film that wins the Palme d'Or: La Dolce Vita , by Federico Fellini . In this archive, Marcello Mastroianni looks back on his collaboration with Fellini and his acting profession.

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