A restaurant in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands, used an unusual group of new employees after resuming its activities, as the country eased restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the emerging Corona virus.

Amy, Acker and James robots move back and forth in the Asian restaurant bar, serving drinks, which reduces the movement of human personnel around.

Each of these robots takes the form of a human being, including two arms, to hold the serving trays and sometimes faces a smile or frown.

"Hi, here is the request ... take it from the tray ... I'll be back automatically after 20 seconds," robot "Amy" says of two women sitting in front of her as she serves two glasses of iced tea.

Employees who use masks put the drinks on the serving trays, then press the table number and then step back to make way for the robots.

Restaurant representative Paul Siegben says their waiter jobs are not in danger from newcomers.

Although the use of robotic workers began in China several years ago and has since become a new trend in restaurants around the world, only a few robots have entered Dutch restaurants.

Currently, Daduan's automated services are limited to delivering drinks, but its owner hopes to expand the robot's contribution to the workforce quickly.