During a briefing in the government on Tuesday, June 2, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that cinemas could resume work in mid-July 2020.

“As for the cinema, and especially the theater, the audience really missed their favorite actors. Here we must ensure the strictest compliance with anti-virus safety measures, including special seating density, use of personal protective equipment, and distance. Cinemas can already earn in mid-July. There is also a special seating arrangement ... ”, he said.

Last week, Rospotrebnadzor issued detailed recommendations on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus in movie theaters. In particular, both employees and visitors are advised to observe the mask regime.

In addition, the administration of multiplex cinemas is ordered to increase the interval between sessions (depending on the number of screens). Less tickets will be sold for each show, so that viewers keep their distance. At the same time, members of one family are allowed to occupy neighboring places.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor, the chief sanitary doctor of Russia, Anna Popova, in an interview with Rossiya 1, explained: cashiers who directly sell tickets will follow the correct seating arrangements.

However, Popova emphasized that Rospotrebnadzor does not plan to monitor compliance with the recommendations and apply any sanctions.

“These are recommendations, and to say that we will check someone and punish for it, until it is supposed. We are talking about how the cinema should be organized, we are telling people how it is safe for them to be in the cinema, ”she said.

At a June 2 briefing, the work of other cultural institutions was also discussed. So, theaters and concert halls will open later - at the last stage of lifting restrictions. According to Chernyshenko, viewers can count on attending autumn premieres.

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Earlier, Deputy Minister of Culture, State Secretary Anna Manilova told Izvestia that theater tickets will go on sale from August 1. This date is indicated in the roadmap for overcoming restrictions imposed in connection with the spread of coronavirus. Over the summer, while troupes are resting, the premises are sanitized. Before the season starts, the teams will have time to conduct rehearsals.

Special conditions are provided for spectators who were going to attend canceled performances this spring and did not return tickets. They will have priority right to choose the date of the visit to the theater and seats in the hall.

Currently, work is underway to resume museums. At a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Culture on May 21, Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova noted that museums can open their doors with the onset of summer.

“In principle, museums, especially regional ones, are ready to start this activity from June 1, quietly. Depending, of course, on what is the position of the governor on this issue in each individual region, ”her words quoted Izvestia.

On June 2, Lyubimova clarified that it was too early to talk about the resumption of collective visits to museums. “Now we will wait and wait a bit with group excursions that are so familiar and that are waiting for it, perhaps both schoolchildren and tourists who love traveling,” the minister said.

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Representatives of a number of museums assured that after the restrictions were lifted, ticket prices would not increase.

The head of the department of public relations, advertising and marketing of the State Historical Museum, Maria Lemigova, in an interview with Interfax, even noted that a ticket to the museum can be purchased at a reduced price as part of the current promotion. 

“We are well aware that people will find themselves in a rather difficult financial situation, and despite the fact that the museum suffers losses and losses, we do not plan to increase the cost of entrance tickets,” the agency quoted her as saying.

Also, according to Interfax, ticket prices will not be increased by the Pushkin Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery.