Today (2nd), mainly in the central region, there are non-news.

If you watch the radar video now, you can see the rain in the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul, the northern part of Gangwon, and the region of Chungnam.

In the meantime, the expected amount of rain may not be as much as 5~20mm, but in the late afternoon, there may be places where it passes loudly with thunderbolts and gusts.

In addition, the rain clouds will go beyond the central region, slightly affecting northern Jeonbuk and northern Gyeongbuk provinces.

Thanks to the rain, the daytime temperatures in the central region are slightly lower.

Seoul's daytime temperature will cool down to 22 degrees, but from tomorrow, the temperature will rise again, so it will rise to 30 degrees later in the week.

On the other hand, in the southern part of the region where there is no rain, the daytime temperature will rise to around 30 degrees Celsius as the sun shines through the clouds today.

There will be rain in central and Jeonbuk provinces on Thursday, but it will be a bit past dawn.

(Jeong Ju-hee Weather Caster)