To save the father of leukemia daughter, tell the secret of 13 years

Wang Zhaolong and Raising Queen Yajuan

The students went to the hospital to see Yajuan

  News from this newspaper (Zheng Baoquan media reporter Zhai Baokuan Nanyang Evening News reporter Zhao Mingluwen / picture) This year's Children's Day is extremely extraordinary for 13-year-old Wang Yajuan. At a normal age, she should have learned and lived happily on campus. However, a sudden acute lymphoblastic leukemia forced the young girl to leave the campus and lie on the bed of the Department of Hematology, Nanyang First People's Hospital .

  "I want to cure my daughter's illness by smashing pots and selling iron." On the afternoon of May 29, Wang Zhaolong, a farmer in the Daqugang Group of Yuzhuang Village, Angao Town, Wolong District, Nanyang City, choked with sobs. In order to save his daughter's life, he made up his mind to reveal the mystery of his daughter's life, and hoped to use the media to find his biological parents.

  In front of the sick girl, he revealed the secret of his heart for 13 years

  On May 29, in the corridor of the Department of Hematology, Floor 9, Building 7, First People's Hospital of Nanyang City, Wang Zhaolong said, holding his head, "The doctor said that the best treatment is bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, which requires testing of the child Which relative can match her successfully. "

  For the purpose of bone marrow transplantation, and to save the life of his daughter, Wang Zhaolong revealed the secret buried in his heart for 13 years, hoping to find the child's true relatives and cure the child's illness.

  In 2007, Wang Zhaolong, 42, who was still single, worked in a lime sand brick factory in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province. At 4 o'clock in the morning on July 16, when he got up and released his hands, he vaguely heard the crying of a child by the river. He ran over and followed the cry. In the bushes by the river, a white mattress wrapped it. The little girl is crying loudly. "Looking at the baby ’s cute little face, I fell in love with her all at once. I thought this baby girl must be a gift from God. I excitedly took the child to my workshop and decided to treat her as if Raise your own daughter. "

  With the child unable to work, Wang Zhaolong quit his job and took the child back to his home town in Angao. For 13 years, Wang Zhaolong has kept her as his own daughter. He carefully hides everything about the child's life. At that time, the little white mattress that wrapped her was thrown away, fearing her daughter's doubts. Wang Zhaolong now has to disclose her life in order to save her daughter.

  Adoptive parents: I wish I could suffer all the sins for my child

  In early May, only two weeks after returning to school, Xiao Yajuan started to have a fever. Yajuan ’s adoptive mother took her to the village clinic and town hospital to see a doctor and took a few days of medicine. Ya Juan's adoptive father quickly took her to Nanyang First People's Hospital for examination. The hospital confirmed that Ya Juan had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

  This medical certificate is like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, making the whole family unbearable. "Yajuan's father burst into tears as soon as he got the diagnosis. These days, in order to treat Xiaoyajuan, her dad went around to raise medical expenses." It ’s not good. I have been suffering from tuberculosis for many years. I ca n’t leave the medicine every day. Because I have no energy and ca n’t go out to work, the whole family lives on farming and the family conditions are very tight.

  "She is so young, how can she get such a serious illness? Why not let me get this illness for her?" Ya Juan's adoptive mother cried.

  The pain that the daughter endured, Wang Zhaolong looked in his eyes and felt it in his heart, and wished that all the pain would be suffered for his daughter. "When my daughter first arrived at the City ’s First People ’s Hospital, she lived in the Children ’s Intensive Care Unit and could n’t eat every day. Her small face was yellow and yellow. Looking at her like that, I had no appetite. To the father ’s responsibility, he did not take good care of the children. ”The black skinny man talked about his daughter, sobbing several times.

  Girls school teachers and students: we wait for your return

  The news of Wang Yajuan's leukemia reaching the school, the teachers and students of the three primary schools in Angao Town, Wolong District were very sad. "On hearing of this news, the teachers and students of the school were shocked. We never thought that the diseases in the" rumors "would appear around us." Gu Yu, the class teacher of Wang Yajuan said with tears, she told the school leaders and the unfortunate news The teachers and classmates all cried while the classmates were in class. Teachers and students extended their helping hands and donated actively. One by one pocket money, one share of heart, one by one caring in the hands of love, they hope to be able to save this desperate girl.

  On May 26, the "Angao Three Elementary School Donation Ceremony for Wang Yajuan's Fighting against Sick Demon" was held, and students in the 6th grade and other classes where Wang Yajuan was donating. The young partner Yang Yifan took out his 205 yuan for the New Year's money and donated it, Ren Yifei 100 yuan, Xia Ziwei 200 yuan ... this 30 yuan, that 20 yuan, even the poor family student Zhang donated the only 2 yuan in his body. . In just one day, more than 200 students in the school donated 4,700 yuan. "I only hope that Wang Yajuan can come back to class with us."

  The principal Wang Changgang took the lead, and the teachers also generously donated money. The 18 teachers in the school donated a total of 7,300 yuan. On May 27, Wang Changgang, Gu Yu and Yajuan's good friends sent the teacher's and students' love money to Yajuan's ward, instructing her to face the disease firmly, and everyone was waiting for her to go back to class at school.

  No matter how hard it is to find a relative, never give up, "That's my daughter's hope of survival"

  "Because when I picked up my daughter, it was 4 a.m., and it was beside a remote small river. Yajuan's biological parents should be not far from the lime sand brick factory. At that time, I didn't work long there. I ca n’t remember clearly. ”Wang Zhaolong said shamefully. With Yajuan, she loved her wholeheartedly and did n’t have any more children. Now that she is suffering from this disease, she asked reporters to help find her daughter ’s biological parents.

  "Yajuan loved to eat sugar since I was a child. I bought her a bag of sugar no matter where I came back. Over the years, our husband and wife have been reluctant to beat her, scolded her, and not allowed her to do housework. There is a good future in the future. Yajuan is also very obedient. When she comes home from school, she will either write homework or endorse. How can such a good child get this disease? .

  Although finding his daughter ’s biological parents is like finding a needle in a haystack, Wang Zhaolong said that he would never give up and he must find it, because that is the hope of her daughter ’s survival. In order to save his daughter, Wang Zhaolong said he was willing to give everything, even if he broke the pot and sold iron, he would save his daughter's life; if she could save her daughter's life, he would be willing to return to her biological parents.

  Well-meaning people have clues to call the reporter's phone 15939891666

  At present, "Zhengzhou Evening News" and "Nanyang Evening News" have linked Hainan's "Southern Metropolis Daily" and other media to report on Wang Yajuan's illness, hoping to find the child's biological parents as soon as possible.

  The vast sea of ​​people, Wang Yajuan's biological parents, where are you? I hope that well-meaning people can provide clues to save this girl whose life is about to wither (informed people please call the reporter's phone: 15939891666).