Beijing News (Reporter Qi Wang) Recently, a group of graduates from the Forensic Medicine Department of Shanxi Medical University set fire. In the photo, eight students majoring in forensic medicine wear protective clothing, masks, goggles, and props, restoring the "crash site".

  The organizer of graduation photos, Liu Xiaofeng, a 2015 undergraduate majoring in forensic medicine at Shanxi Medical University, told reporters that the idea of ​​a “criminal scene” graduation photo has a long history. "Looking at other people's graduation photos, all of them in suits and leather suits, or custom-made a class suit, I think it is too ordinary. Thinking that we are forensic science, I want to be able to take a professional graduation photo." Liu Xiaofeng said At the beginning, I only thought that this group of graduation photos might cause small waves among classmates and friends, but I didn't expect it to be hot.

  Liu Xiaofeng introduced that as soon as the idea of ​​the "Case Scene" graduation photo came out, the dormitory roommates and several classmates in other dormitories hit it off. In terms of venue selection, some students proposed the idea of ​​borrowing an anatomy room from the school. "Considering the inconvenience of borrowing an autopsy room, I purchased the security line, protective clothing and other props from the Internet, and chose a lawn in the school as our" criminal scene ". In order to appear realistic, these students also asked from the cafeteria Come flour and outline the "corpse" on the ground.

  Liu Xiaofeng also said that the content of this simulation "case scene" is no stranger to their forensic students. "Before the school arranged for us to participate in professional internships, so this simulation of" swinging "is not difficult for us."

  It is understood that the undergraduates who graduated from Shanxi Medical University returned to school in mid-April, and the undergraduate graduation defense work has been basically completed. Some of the students who took graduation photos with Liu Xiaofeng have received graduate admissions, some are taking part in the postgraduate entrance examination, some have been admitted to the civil service, and some are preparing for the civil service exam. Some netizens commented on Weibo related topics and said with a smile: "Graduation tragedy".

  Beijing News reporter Qi Wang