China News Service, June 1-The second season of the girl group's personal growth and youth note "Rushing 20 Years Old" is being broadcast on Tencent video. The latest issue came to Zining's hometown of Chengdu. The girls not only ate the most authentic Chengdu hot pot, It also unlocked the Rocket Girl's first livehouse show, and the music atmosphere of singing and chatting gave girls a completely different performance experience.

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  In the show, Zi Ning arranged the Rocket Girl ’s first livehouse show, which was different from the lively singing and dancing on the stage. The Rocket Girls who sat on the stage and sang quietly showed more tacit cooperation with each other. Accompanied by simple musical instruments, the return to the original performance brings fans a fresh and natural feeling. The change in the performance venue also made the Rocket Girls quickly put down their tension, and the string time outside the performance changed to "Tucao Conference" in seconds.

  In the performance, Rocket Maiden performed "One Like Summer and One Like Autumn" for the first time. The most tearful purpose is the song written by Zi Ning for the Rocket Girls' sisters. In this song, Zining gave each sister an exclusive confession.

  Like the sisters, Zining, who has good singing, dancing and creative strength, has a strong interest in singing and dancing since childhood. At the special welcoming ceremony arranged by Zining's family, family members including Zining's parents, third uncle, brother, etc. formed an orchestra and brought together a live concert. Among them, the third uncle served as a guitar player, the older brother served as the lead singer, and the father of Ning also acted as the host of the string show. He also performed the folk singing and rap performances, showing the fancy assistance brought by the “music family”.

  This episode also unveiled the precious performance images of Zining's childhood for the first time. The tender and lovely performance restored Zining's musical enlightenment journey. In fact, although Zi Ning gets along well with his teammates in the group, many people may not imagine that Zi Ning, who has an introverted and introverted personality, did not have many friends when he was a child. Even at the beginning of "Creation 101," The team members felt that Zining was a bit "cold." However, Zi Ning, who doesn't look close, is actually cold outside and hot inside. She clearly wants to be close, but she never knows how to express her emotions. For the deep love of parents, Zining will also boldly express his heart to his family with the help of the team members.