It is known that actor Park Bo-gum (27) applied to the Navy military troops.

Actor Park Bo-gum said on the 1st, "Actor Park Bo-gum applied to the Naval Culture Promotion Group, and had an interview on June 1. It is undecided whether to pass."

On the 1st to 13th of last month, Park Bo-gum submitted the application form for the'Navy Soldiers Enlisted in August 2020' to the Military Manpower Administration. It is known that he applied for keyboard disease and tested his piano performance and singing skills. The agency also proceeded so secretly that only some officials knew.

Park Bo-gum, who majored in musicals at Myongji University, has been proud of his class-level singing skills and piano playing skills. In 2016, the drama'Gurmi Green Moonlight' appeared in the OST song'My People', and it was a topic. In March, the first regular album'blue bird' was released in Japan.

The success or failure is masked on the 25th. If Park Bo-gum passes, he is expected to enter the 669th Navy training course at 2 pm on August 31st. The training center is the Naval Basic Military Education Group under the Naval Education Command in Jinhae, Gyeongnam. It will be discharged at the end of April 2022 after completing a total of 20 months of service, including basic training for 6 weeks.

Pianist Iruma and singer Yoo Hee-yeol are some of the entertainers who served as naval troops.

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)