Ningbo discovered that the site 8000 years ago
  is 1000 years earlier than Hemudu culture

  Newspaper, Hangzhou, May 31 (Dou Hanyang, Shen Zhaohui) On May 30, the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Yuyao Municipal People's Government and Ningbo Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau jointly held a press conference to release the archaeological excavation results of the Jingtou Mountain site in Yuyao The discovery of the Jingtou Mountain ruins pushed the history of human activities and the development of civilization in the Ningbo area to 8,000 years ago, 1000 years before Hemudu culture.

  The Jingtou Mountain site is located in a plot of a factory to be built at the southern foot of Jingtou Mountain, Sanqi City, Yuyao Town, Ningbo, 1.5 kilometers east of the Tianluo Mountain site, and the site is buried about 8 meters below the current surface.

  Archaeological experts said that the archaeological excavation site has unearthed ash pits, food storage pits, local burnt piles on top of dense shell deposits, tree roots and utensils processing, food processing sites and other living relics, which can more clearly restore more than 8,000 years ago in Southeast China The characteristics of the production, living conditions and natural environment of some ancestors in coastal areas.

  The results of carbon 14 dating and comparison of cultural types show that the age of the cultural layer of the Jingtou Mountain site is around 8000 years ago, and the furthest reaches more than 8300 years, which is earlier than the Hemudu culture about 1000 years. It is the era found in Ningbo area. The earliest cultural remains.

Dou Hanyang, Shen Zhaohui