Nagasaki "Atomic Bomb Victims List" Bookkeeping work started June 1, 13:10

The work of adding the names of the A-bomb victims who died in the past year to the "list of victims of the atomic bomb", which will be held at the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day Peace Memorial Ceremony on August 9, began on the first day.

The Atomic Bomb Victims List is a memorial service for victims of the A-bomb and to convey the damage to future generations, with the names of the newly confirmed victims being added every year, and the Peace Memorial Ceremony on August 9th. Will be paid in.

From the 1st day, the name bookkeeping started at Nagasaki City Hall, and Takako Morita, a calligrapher who was a survivor of the atomic bombings of his parents, wrote carefully the name of the victim, the day he died, and the age at which he died. .

According to Nagasaki City, the roster recorded 182,601 people who had been bombed by the atomic bomb in Nagasaki by August last year and 182,669 people who were bombed in Hiroshima, and about 3,500 people died. Is to be newly added.

In addition, not only the survivors but also "experienced survivors" who were outside the region recognized by the country as survivors, and victims who offered to bereaved by the atomic bomb are also added.

Mr. Morita said, "This time, as various events are canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, I feel the significance of the bookkeeping work that leaves a proof of being alive in future generations. I want to proceed while thinking about the importance of peace. I was talking. "

The bookkeeping work will be done until August 3rd.