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The Ministry of Health has not recorded any deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours , according to data published this Monday. In the last week 35 people have died (compared to 39 recorded on Sunday). The total number of deaths since the pandemic reached our country now amounts to 27,117 people . That is to say, it does not represent variation with respect to Sunday, a fact that Fernando Simón has described as "very favorable" because, in addition, as he explained, 15 communities have reported two deaths or less in the last seven days.

But one more day the difference between the figures of the central government and those of the autonomous executives is striking. The Community of Madrid does report 11 deaths in the last 24 hours and Castilla - La Mancha, another five.

In its update on Monday, Health estimates the total number of infected people at 239,638. Their statistics also detect 71 new infections (compared to 96 the previous day) in the last 24 hours, a number that rises to 268 when the onset of symptoms in the last seven days is taken as a criterion. Since Sunday, only Madrid, Catalonia and Castilla y León have reported more than a dozen cases.

In his appearance in Moncloa, the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies has mentioned as another favorable fact the containment of the infection among health personnel . According to their data, symptoms have been detected in 164 patients in this group in the last seven days.

Fernando Simón has highlighted how the time in which new infections are detected has been shortened. As he explained, between the onset of symptoms and the diagnosis of Covid-19 "is 48 hours." But he has also expressed his concern for scenes such as that of the Tomelloso bottle. Simón has appealed that, if they see symptoms, these people who have violated the restrictions go to the health centers. "We have all made a very big effort to control this and these situations worry me a lot , it is not a question of criminalizing anyone, but it worries me," said Simon.

The epidemiologist has emphasized that if rapid detection works, the possible outbreaks do not imply a step backward phase. And he has given as an example what happened in a residence in Asturias in which four infections with coronavirus have been diagnosed, which have resulted in the location, quarantine and isolation of contacts. "There are still cases here and imported cases that come to us and those can transmit locally. We have to be very prudent and act according to the established norms that are what protect us," he said in response to journalists.

The director of the CCAES has confirmed that, if the extension of the state of alarm currently being negotiated by the Government is the last , the management of the final section of the de-escalation would correspond to the autonomous governments of Madrid and Catalonia in their territory. Fernando Simón has celebrated that the communities "have stopped thinking that this is a race to rescale faster, to pass before others, and have begun to understand the importance of doing it well". And he cited as an example that the next opening of discotheques is no longer demanded: "We know that there are people who will not be happy with these measures, but again we say that it will not be much longer, and we have to guarantee security" .

The epidemiologist has also stressed that masks and gloves on the floor "can pose a risk to others" and has advanced that Health will work with Education in "guidelines" that serve for communities on their return to classrooms in September .

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