The protests that swept the United States after the death of black George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, take on the scale of a real civil war.

A week ago, Floyd was detained by police on suspicion of using a fake $ 20 bill. He went into the shop for cigarettes, and the seller thought that the money that Floyd paid was fake. In the States, this is not such a rare story, and most often black people pay with fakes. And Floyd also had a rather frightening appearance, suggesting the criminal nature of his studies. In fact, he worked as a bouncer in one of the city bars until he lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic. The owner of the shop knew Floyd well and later told reporters that he was "very friendly and never created problems." Unfortunately for the former bouncer, that evening the owner was not in the shop, and behind the counter was a guy working part-time - he did not know Floyd and called the police.

The police arrived eight minutes later - Floyd sat quietly with friends in a car parked next to the bench. The policemen pulled him out of the car without further ado, and as Floyd began to resist, they laid the thug face on the asphalt, and one of them, the white patrolman Derek Chovin (in our media he is often called Chovin, which is wrong from the point of view of the English language, but curious parallels with the sergeant of the Napoleonic army, Nicolas Chauvin, from whose name the word "chauvinism" came from) knelt on his neck. He kept him so detained for almost ten minutes. First, Floyd asked to let him go, explained that he suffered from claustrophobia, complained that he could not breathe (later his last words would become a slogan of protests), then he died - apparently, he lost consciousness. All this time, passers-by gathered around filmed what was happening on their smartphones, and the video posted on the network blew up black communities in the United States when it became known that Floyd died in the hospital, where he was taken by police.

The next day, RaHoWa, the Holy Racial War, began in America.

Only if the founder of the ideology of the Racial Holy War Ben Klassen (incidentally, a native of Western Ukraine) believed that this war would be waged by the Aryan race against the "colored", then in reality everything happened the other way around. The Black Lives Matter ("Life of Blacks Matter") movement, which took shape in 2013 after the murder by the volunteer volunteer George Zimmerman of the black teenager Travon Martin and is the spiritual heir to the Black Power movement, and therefore the notorious Black Panthers, organized protests at the place of Floyd's detention. On the evening of the same day, a police station where Derek Chovin served was besieged. Stones flew into the windows of the building, the police responded with fire from traumatic weapons. To disperse the crowd used tear gas.

At the same time, all four police officers who detained Floyd were first removed from service and then fired. Minneapolis Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey said he supported the decision to dismiss "100%." “If any person, especially the“ color ”one, did what the police officer did on Monday, he would already be behind bars. That's why I urge the district attorney ... to charge the officer in charge of the detention. ”

And Chovin was really arrested, accusing him of third-degree murder. Then someone launched the news on the network that a former policeman allegedly committed suicide in prison, but she turned out to be a fake.

However, the protesters were not reassured by the arrest of Chovin. Unrest swept the whole of Minneapolis, spread to the state capital of St. Paul, and then began in other cities of Minnesota.

The political protest quietly escalated into pogroms: crowds of African Americans burst into supermarkets, carried everything that came to hand (the most adventurous - in large bags), and then set fire to the looted shops. The police initially tried to resist, but the forces were already too unequal. In addition, Mayor Frey did not authorize harsh measures. On the evening of May 28, "protesters", but in fact bandits and looters, set fire to the police station in which Chovin served. Police barricaded there were evacuated by helicopters from the roof of a burning building.

From that moment, the scale of the protest began to grow at the speed of a snowball rolling from the mountain.

To date, according to The New York Times, unrest swept 140 cities in the country. In 15 states, not counting the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia, the National Guard was withdrawn to the streets to suppress riots (and 21 were mobilized by the National Guard). Curfews have been imposed in 40 cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

In Washington, last night, protesters set fire to St. John's Cathedral in Lafayette Park, near the White House. The White House itself was besieged by an aggressive crowd, so that the secret service hid President Trump in an underground bunker. In clashes with the rebels, more than 60 agents and Secret Service officers who defended the White House were injured - stones, bottles, fires and other items were thrown at them. “Employees were also physically abused - kicked, punched and exposed to body fluids,” the Secret Service said in an official statement.

Over the past three days, more than 1,700 pogrom participants have been arrested, but this does not stop the protesters - on the contrary, more and more people are taking to the streets every day. The total number of protesters is already in the hundreds of thousands, current protests can go down in US history as the largest. True, during the famous riot in Los Angeles in 1992, nearly 60 people died and more than 2,000 were injured. Now, fortunately, there are significantly fewer victims. But the 1992 riot lasted only five days, and the “Floyd War” has been going on for a week and does not seem to be going to fade. And most importantly, it covered the whole country, which fundamentally differs from the events of 1992, localized in two large cities in California, and from the riots in Detroit in 1967.

The reasons for the current events lie on the surface. Firstly, the multiethnic and multicultural society that Americans are so proud of does not at all eliminate the deep social, economic, and cultural imbalances between different ethnic groups. Dark-skinned Americans, despite the noticeable presence in the establishment, the financial and political elite of the country, as a whole, still remain the most disadvantaged economically and criminally part of American society. The stereotype “black means a criminal” is deeply rooted in the minds of “non-black” US citizens (including representatives of other ethnic groups - the seller who called the police came from the Middle East, one of the police officers who detained was an ethnic Chinese), and you can’t say that it arose from scratch.

Secondly, racism as a national problem still remains relevant.

Mocking the dull tolerance and suffocating political correctness of the current States, we lose sight of an important point: these phenomena, in fact, represent the other side of the medal of racism and xenophobia that accompanied the formation of the American nation during the first one and a half centuries of its history.

And racism is a surprise! - It happens not only white, but also black, and in recent years, it is black racism that has manifested itself in the most aggressive way.

Thirdly, more than two months of quarantine and stress due to a pandemic that, incidentally, hit more of the black people of the United States (mainly because hygiene in poor black neighborhoods have a very relative idea), embittered people . Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in recent months, like George Floyd. Is it necessary to clarify that there were a majority of blacks among them?

But there is one more - perhaps the most important - reason that the current protests spilled out of Minneapolis and covered almost half of the states.

This reason is the manic desire of democrats and liberals to prevent Trump from being re-elected in November 2020.

The May (and in fact already June) rebellions in the USA really bear the recognizable stigmata of the “color revolutions” that American agents of influence have inflated with varying degrees of success around the world - from North Africa and the Middle East to Georgia and Ukraine. They say that the protesters are supported by the structure of the restless fighter with Trump and the adherent of the "open society" George Soros. And, most definitely, the protesters are supported (both morally and financially) by the authorities of many cities of America that have been seized by unrest. This may seem like a delirium of a conspiracy theorist, but reality surpasses even the most crazy fantasies.

According to Trump’s fellow Fox News channel, Democratic governors and mayors of big cities, who had previously imposed severe restrictions on the pandemic, now allow protesters to break the rules easily and unconstrained. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who until recently angrily objected to the state’s discovery (“You have no right to jeopardize my health and the health of my children!”) And imposed thousands of fines on owners of tanning salons and beauty salons who dared to serve customers, now says something completely different: “Arson, banditry and robbery are not allowed to anyone. But with regard to protests, anger, fear and frustration - yes! Yes, and the demands of justice! ”

Cuomo did not say a word that these protests and demands were contrary to his instructions to stay home.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio banned the city’s Jewish community from holding a funeral in April, and then severely threatened punishment for violating the ban: “The time for warnings has passed!” On Sunday, the same de Blasio said: “We have always respected non-violent protests!” - although what was going on in the United States these days has already acquired the distinct character of a civil war.

Finally, the Mayor of Minneapolis, from which, in fact, it all started, leftist Democrat Jacob Frey carefully warns protesters about the need to wear masks and observe social distance. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Minneapolis City Hall ... distributes face masks among rioters for free, although officially public gatherings of more than ten people in the city are still banned. Fox News recalls that this is the same Jacob Frey who opposed worship in Minneapolis temples, calling them a “public health disaster.” What prevented the city hall from supplying the believers with masks, which are now distributed to hundreds of black rioters? Obviously, the left-liberal beliefs of Frey.

Supporting - in fact - the protesters, the Democrats, of course, blame everything that is happening on the country's main racist, who has settled in the White House. And since, in liberal brains, Donald Trump is an agent of Moscow and an obedient executor of the will of Vladimir Putin, it is easy to guess that very soon the Russians will be appointed the main culprits of the Great Racial War of 2020. So it happened - on CNN's Sunday, former Obama national security adviser to the Obama administration, Susan Rice, said that bread crumbs (that is, traces) of nationwide protests after Floyd's death were being led to Russia. “It's straight from a Russian textbook,” Rice said. “We cannot allow extremists, foreign players to distract us from the real problems that exist in our country.”

When asked how exactly Russia can influence the protests, Rice replied: “I would not be surprised to know that they (Russians. - K. B. ) incite both sides with the help of social networks. I won’t be surprised if it turns out that they sponsor them in one form or another. ”

At the same time, Rice admitted that she does not have any insider information and is based only on her own experience. It seems that the former National Security Council adviser reviewed the seventh season of the series Rodina, in which Russian GRU super agent Yevgeny Gromov almost made a revolution in the United States with a few tweets.

A prominent Republican, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, also saw the “foreign trail” in the protests that swept over the country (“baby Marco,” as Trump called him during the 2016 presidential campaign, has now matured, matured, and serves as chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee). The senator suggested that "at least three foreign opponents" provide information support for the protests. “They did not create these units (protesters. - K. B. ). But they are actively fomenting and promoting violence and confrontation from various points of view, ”he wrote on his Twitter.

The opinion of the senator was also supported by Trump's national security adviser Robert O'Brien, who said on Sunday that Rubio had hit the mark, and promised to deal with these unnamed countries.

Of course, it is always tempting to blame some malicious agents of influence and treacherous enemies for their problems, whose roles are so well suited by the Russians, and more recently by the Chinese (who is the third enemy, one can only guess - Iran? Venezuela?). But, looking at the video of Joe Biden, who finally emerged from the shelter of the former US Vice President, happily taking pictures with the protesting black people in Delaware, it’s hard to refrain from quoting Krylov’s fable “The Mirror and the Monkey”: is it better to turn on yourself, godfather? ”

By the way, in the fable the bear gives this advice to the monkey. But this, of course, is just a coincidence.

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