Yesterday, in the framework of its digital programs, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum launched a 20-minute audio tour entitled "We are not alone", during which the listener lives a science fiction adventure to discover the museum's exceptional architecture. The Louvre Abu Dhabi collaborated to compose and produce this tour with the "Soundwok Collective" group, which includes talented artists and musicians. The audio tour is also accompanied by a short film that depicts this story, which takes place throughout the museum thousands of years ago in a post-human galaxy.

The "We are not alone" tour is available through the website of the Louvre Abu Dhabi in six languages, and the story can be heard with the voices of famous personalities from around the world, as it is narrated in the Arabic language by the Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi, in English the American actor Willem Dafoe, in French and English actress and French singer Charlotte Ginsburg, In Mandarin, Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu, in Russian song coordinator, producer and singer Nina Kravis, and in German director and playwright Wim Wonders.

The audio tour is based on a text written by Stephan Krasnyanski, centered on the architecture of the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the geometrical shapes underlying it. It begins with a message from Jean Nouvel, the famous architect who designed the museum, for future generations. Then the narrator, with the power of his apparent voice, takes the listener to a futuristic world, inviting him to imagine the museum in a galaxy thousands of years after the extinction of humans. This experience prompts the listener to think about the human condition in a future governed by artificial intelligence, by asking questions centered on free will, the nature of man and his fate.

"The museums, especially in these difficult times in which we live, play an important role in enhancing optimism in society," says Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, head of the Culture and Tourism Department - Abu Dhabi. I am very proud to see the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum take on this role with great dedication, and it is constantly seeking to launch new initiatives to give hope to our souls. ”He added,“ The tour (we are not alone) is the best proof of that, so (Louvre Abu Dhabi) has managed, in line with With his mission and the cultural diversity of the emirate, it brings together seven talents from around the world to offer his audience an exceptional experience, this science fiction-based audio tour embodies innovation and creativity in the museum's digital initiatives. ” In the same vein, the director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, Manuel Rabate, said: “The Louvre Abu Dhabi narrates the history of art through the ages. So we are constantly striving to invent new ways in which to tell the stories of art pieces and architecture of the museum. Consequently, this tour is a testament to the innovative approach we are adopting to narrate the encounter of cultures. ” Commenting on the museum assigning the "Soundwok Collective" group to work, Stefan Krasnyansky and Simon Merle of the group said: "This tour allows listeners to unleash their imagination as they envision themselves walking under the exceptional Louvre Abu Dhabi dome. This experience is like a dialogue between civilizations from the past, on the one hand, and the present, on the other, a dialogue embodied by the Louvre Abu Dhabi artistic group, a tour that takes us into the future towards imagination, as humanity has taken a completely different form. Besides, the characters who participate in this tour, with their diversity and the way they interact with each other, enrich this experience that transcends borders, languages ​​and cultures.

This audio tour forms the first part of the cooperation between the "Louvre Abu Dhabi" and the "Soundwok Collective" group, which includes a 40-minute audio tour that will be available later to visitors on a larger scale through the museum's multimedia guide.

Digital Initiatives

The "We Are Not Alone" audio tour co-authored and produced by the "Soundwok Collective" group comes within the framework of digital initiatives launched by the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which allows the public to view a wide range of artistic and cultural content through virtual tours, videos, audio clips and downloadable activities To enjoy it from home. These initiatives include the opportunity to discover the museum’s art collection and its international exhibitions through its website and application, along with “art in your hands” resources available through the website as well, and the “Make and Play” series, which includes a set of videos and coloring activities that family and children can enjoy It out. These initiatives also include rich educational resources that allow teachers to interact with their students in the context of distance learning. The museum, in cooperation with the Anghami app, also launched a set of music lists inspired by its art collection, so that the listener could discover the museum through a variety of music that suits different tastes.

It is worth noting that the Louvre Abu Dhabi participates in the "Culture for All" initiative launched by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, which aims to make cultural monuments in the emirate available to the public for enjoyment from home.

The story takes the listener into the future, and takes place throughout the museum after thousands of years in the post-human era.

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