Weighs 10 times more than usual. It is exhibited at the huge Ise shrimp aquarium and talks about Mie Toba May 31 13:42

At the aquarium in Toba City, Mie Prefecture, where business was resumed following the cancellation of the declaration of emergency, a huge Ise shrimp was exhibited and has become a hot topic.

The giant Ise shrimp is displayed at the Toba Aquarium in Toba City.

Ise prawns were landed at Gokasho Bay in Minamiise town, Mie prefecture last month, and were purchased by a fish shop in the town, but because they were too large, I consulted with the aquarium and donated them for display on the 25th of this month.

The Ise shrimp displayed is about 38 cm long and weighs about 2 kg, and it weighs about 10 times as much as general Ise shrimp.

The aquarium was closed due to the new coronavirus, but it resumed operations from the 18th of this month, and on the 31st, visitors with masks were placed in the same tank as ordinary Ise prawns. I was watching the Ise shrimp rarely.

Mr. Naoto Takamura, a keeper, says, "I can see that it is very large when you actually see it. If you are outside the prefecture, please refrain from visiting the museum yet and let many people in the prefecture see it first." It was