Volunteer cleaning two people on a national highway, killed by a truck hit Fukushima May 31 15:15

On the morning of the 31st, two men and women in their 50s who were doing volunteer cleaning activities on the national highway of Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, were hit by a truck and died. Police found a truck fleeing from the scene and arrested a man in his 50s who was driving without a license on suspicion of running and running.

Before 8:00 am on the 31st, on the National Road No. 288 in Yamada, Miharu-cho, a person nearby said that the car had run off a person and ran away, and the police reported.

At the scene, two men and women in their 50s had fallen and were taken to a hospital in Koriyama city, but both died.

According to the police, the two who died were being hit by a truck coming from the front when they were participating in a volunteer activity on the road at the time, such as picking up garbage and mowing.

The truck that hit the two people escaped as it was, but as a result of a police search, an unemployed Morito Yoshitaka suspect (50) in Miharu-cho, who was found in Sukagawa city and was driving, was arrested on suspicion of escape. did.

Suspect Morito was unlicensed, so the police are investigating the details.

Local residents "After hitting, the truck meanders away"

A local inhabitant who witnessed the accident said, "I bounced off two people who were walking after cleaning activities, but the truck left while meandering. I can't forgive such an accident."