China News Service, Zhaoqing, May 31 (Suo Youwei Xiao Chengxin) After arguing with his family over family chores, the man took two young children to "play missing" and lied that he would take the child to commit suicide, threatening his family. The reporter learned from the police in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province on the 31st that after three hours of full search, the Dinghu Police in Zhaoqing City successfully controlled the man, and the man had been detained by the police according to law for disrupting public order.

  At 11:00 on May 29, the Phoenix Police Station of the Dinghu Branch of the Zhaoqing City Public Security Bureau received a public alarm saying that after Momou in Phoenix Town had a conflict with his family, he took the two sons from the house and sent a message to the family. Threatened to take two children to commit suicide.

  In order to ensure the safety of people's lives, the deputy head of Dinghu District, the secretary of the Party Committee of the Public Security Branch, and the director Liang Xuefeng commanded the search operation throughout the process, quickly mobilized the branch command center, Internet police brigade, patrol brigade, Guicheng police station, Phoenix police station and other police types, gathered more than 50 police A police force searched Momou and his two sons in the jurisdiction. At the same time, relying on intelligent new police and video surveillance to "track" Mo Mou and his two children's whereabouts.

Dinghu police successfully recovered two children. Photo courtesy of the police

  The police of the Phoenix Police Station, through the picture information sent by the alarm person, found out that Momou might appear on the crest of Jiulong Lake in Phoenix Town. Immediately after receiving the report, the police and the staff of the Phoenix Town government immediately went to the vicinity of the dam crest of Jiulong Lake, but no trace of the villager Mo Mou and his two sons was found. The police in the air was even more urgent. Momou's family and police kept contacting Momou in an attempt to persuade Momou to return. Momou did not listen to the advice and hid everywhere.

  After more than three hours of intense search and the cooperation of various search teams, at 14 o'clock that day, he finally successfully found Momou driving a motorcycle with two children on a section of Kengkou Street and successfully intercepted Momou.

  Mo Mou (27 years old, from Phoenix Town) truthfully confessed his illegal behavior that disrupted public order. At present, Momou has been administratively detained by Dinghu police according to law. The two children were safely brought back by Mo's family. (Finish)