Sinonews client Beijing, June 1 unknowingly, the time has entered June, and a large number of new policies and regulations will be implemented again. The "Basic Law" in the field of health and health will come into effect, high-temperature allowances in some provinces will start to be paid, and motorcycles without helmets will be strictly investigated ... to see what is relevant to your life?

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Some provinces began to provide high-temperature allowance

  Since the beginning of summer, temperatures in many areas of the country have continued to rise, which has brought great challenges to workers, especially outdoor workers. In June, some provinces will begin to issue high-temperature allowances.

  According to the "Management Measures for Heatstroke and Cooling Measures" revised in 2012, employers should arrange workers to perform outdoor open-air operations in high-temperature weather above 35 ℃ and fail to take effective measures to reduce the temperature in the workplace to below 33 ℃. allowance.

  Judging from the timing of the high-temperature allowance issuance, there are differences among different regions due to differences in climatic conditions. Many provinces use June as the time point for the start of the high-temperature allowance. This includes Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, etc.

  In addition, the relevant regulations of many provinces clearly stated that the employer should not reduce the wages of workers due to the increase in the high-temperature allowance, and the minimum wage standard does not include the high-temperature allowance. Mung bean soup and other heat-relieving beverages cannot be offset against the high-temperature allowance.

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Basic law in the field of health 

  The Law of the People's Republic of China on Basic Medical Hygiene and Health Promotion will come into effect on June 1, 2020. This is the first basic and comprehensive law in the field of health in China.

  The law proposes that citizens are the first person responsible for their own health; the state incorporates health education into the national education system; the state organizes surveys and statistics on the health status of residents; the state formulates and implements the health of minors, women, the elderly, the disabled, etc. Work plan to strengthen health services for key populations.

  In addition, the law also provides for violent injuries. The Health Promotion Law states that the personal safety and personal dignity of medical and health personnel are not violated, and their legal rights and interests are protected by law. It is forbidden for any organization or individual to threaten or endanger the personal safety of medical and health personnel, and violate the personal dignity of medical and health personnel.

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Illegal activities such as riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet will be strictly investigated

  In order to effectively protect the life safety of motorcycles, electric bicycle riders and car drivers, the Transportation Administration of the Ministry of Public Security has recently deployed a "One Helmet and One Belt" safety guard operation across the country.

  From June 1, the government departments will strengthen law enforcement punishment for traffic violations that do not wear safety helmets while riding motorcycles and do not use seat belts when driving cars.

  Regarding the behavior of not wearing a safety helmet when riding an electric bicycle, we will continue to carry out publicity and guidance work, and actively create conditions to help the people equip them with safety helmets, prompting people with helmets to consciously wear helmets. According to the requirements, all localities should determine the time for the implementation of investigations and corrections according to the local conditions, and pay attention to humanized, rational and flexible enforcement.

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Promote the electronic service of motor vehicle inspection marks nationwide

  From June 20, the electronic service of motor vehicle inspection marks will cover the whole country.

  In April of this year, the Ministry of Public Security decided to promote the digitization of motor vehicle inspection marks in two batches nationwide on the basis of pilots in 16 cities to provide electronic license services for motor vehicle owners, drivers, and related industries and administrative departments. The first batch was launched on April 25.

  The second batch of promotion time will begin on June 20, and the promotion area includes 15 provinces and autonomous regions including Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia .

  Owners of motor vehicles can apply for electronic certificates of motor vehicle inspection marks through the Internet traffic safety integrated service platform or the “Mobile 12123” mobile app. Vehicles that are exempted from inspection within 6 years can directly apply for electronic certificates of inspection marks online. The electronic voucher for the inspection mark is divided into three presentation methods: online presentation, offline presentation, and printed presentation, which is convenient for motor vehicle owners or drivers to apply in different scenarios.

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Banks must not raise loan interest rates on the grounds of breaking loans

  The “Notice on Further Regulating Credit Financing Charges and Lowering the Comprehensive Cost of Corporate Finance” issued by the six departments including the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other departments will be implemented on June 1, 2020.

  The "Notice" proposes to abolish credit fund management and other expenses. Banks shall not charge credit funds for entrusted payment of transfer fees. For the credit funds that have been allocated but not yet used by the enterprise, no fund management fee shall be charged. For small and micro-enterprise credit financing, it is not possible to stipulate in the loan contract early repayment or delay in payment of liquidated damages, and to cancel the overpayment of promised fees and credit certification fees for legal person accounts.

  The "Notice" makes it clear that banks must not force companies to purchase insurance, wealth management, funds or other asset management products during credit approval. It is also necessary to carry out credit review in advance, not to raise the interest rate of loans on the grounds of breaking loans, to ensure that companies with capital needs to obtain loans at a reasonable cost; to not continue to provide credit support to "zombie enterprises", squeeze out bank loans and push other companies Financing costs.

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The central bank's new regulations optimize the administrative licensing process

  The newly revised "People's Bank of China Administrative License Implementation Measures" will come into effect on June 1. This method improves and refines the process of accepting and approving administrative licenses, and makes up for the problem of insufficient basis for online processing of administrative licenses.

  The measures specifically set up simple procedures that are mainly applicable to the issuance of bank account opening licenses, related licenses, or changes in the records of qualification certificates. The time limit for the approval of these permits is compressed to within five days after acceptance, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of approval and reducing affairs. Cost, reduce the burden of applicants.

  At the same time, according to the authorization of the Administrative Licensing Law, the measures further clarified the post-event supervision measures in law enforcement inspection, administrative punishment, etc., and implemented "simplification of administration, decentralization, combination of management and optimization of services".

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Pension institutions have fraudulently defrauded the elderly into the list of dishonesty

  The "Administrative Measures on the List of Joint Disciplinary Targets for Dishonest in the Pension Service Market (Trial)" issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs will be implemented as of June 1, 2020.

  The "Administrative Measures" make it clear that pension service agencies and employees have activities beyond the purposes and business scope stipulated in the articles of association, infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly due to acts of pension services, fraudulently deceive the elderly by means of illegal fund-raising or fraudulent sales of "health care" products Human, property, and other acts shall be included in the list of the objects of joint punishment by the local civil affairs department. (Finish)