Yousra, the Egyptian star, expressed her desire to kiss all of her owners when the Corona crisis ends, and she defied the coronavirus, saying that it cannot stop life even if it continues for years, not months.

"The first thing I will do when the Corona crisis ends is, I will accept all of my friends," the senior artist said in an interview with the "With You" program, by media Mona El-Shazly, on "CBC".

Yousra revealed that when the Corona virus appeared, she did not think for a moment to apologize for not completing the series "Betrayal of the Covenant", and considered it an official mission.

She said: "The artist is like a bank employee or the owner of the oven, as long as behind me eat a lot of this profession, there is no room for an apology, and all precautions have been done by the production company."

Yusra confirmed that the Corona virus caused terror for everyone, and that the owners in England were infected with the virus, but they were treated and hidden.

Yousra added that the number of the team behind the camera has been reduced to almost half, as it has become only 150 people, as there was an integrated team that checks on us in close periods, and everything is cleansed and sterilized regularly, and I narrated: “I lived on Vitamin C and I was all About an hour. ”

About the home ban, Yousra said: “I had no problem because of the home ban after the series ended. I am home and I like to stay at home naturally, and as long as there is no work I like to sit at home,”

And I continued: “I hope that everyone will be close to their family, children and husbands, for that period made us feel the blessings that God has bestowed on us with, and the first thing that I will do when the corona ends is obsessed by all my companions.”

Yusra stated that she was surprised by the change of the name of the series "Betrayal Ahd", which was to be called "Gold of Erra".

She added that they had to change the name of the series because the meaning of "Gold Era" in the Arab region has a completely different meaning from what is called in Egypt, which is an unacceptable meaning, so the name had to be changed because the series was being presented in Dubai.

Yousra continued, during her meeting with the media Mona El-Shazly, that the success of the last work is always more than the work that precedes it always, citing a number of the works presented by the likes of "Above the Suspicions" series and the "Public Opinion Issue" series and other works that she submitted.

She noted that there are some works at the time of their presentation that many viewers did not have access to, but they received more views when they were shown at other times.

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