China Weather News predicts that there will be a citywide thunderstorm in the afternoon from today (30th) to Beijing at night, which will affect the urban area around evening and traffic may be blocked. In addition, today the wind is relatively strong, with gusts up to 7, and the public should pay attention to it.

  Yesterday, there were more clouds in the sky in Beijing, the sun was looming, the highest temperature climbed to 29.4 ℃, and the body sensation was still rather hot around noon. Today, the weather in Beijing will break yesterday's overall relatively stable state, and gradually "strengthen", there will be rainy weather, and local conditions will also be accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock on the 30th: Today is cloudy and cloudy with thunderstorms during the day, about 4 degrees southerly winds (gusty winds 7), the highest temperature is 30 ° C; ℃.

  This afternoon, the rain began to affect the western mountainous area, and it affected the urban area around evening. Obviously, the rain mainly occurred this evening, or it had an impact on traffic. The rain will gradually end on Sunday morning.

  Meteorological experts reminded that while the blue wind warning in Beijing is in effect, today the wind is relatively strong, and you need to bring rain gear when you travel. Take measures to prevent lightning, rain, and wind, and pay attention to travel safety.