Reporter Choi Ho-won will introduce the highlights and movies to watch on the weekend.


[movie interests of ultrafine (spoiled mom and jwachungwoodol singer daughter]

bohemian eupnida spoiled mom and junior high when all the power to find the 20 youngest daughter vanished been an independent living from.

Female rapper Cheetah ', The protagonist, was evaluated at the premiere of the premiere as an actor.

[Eunyoung Kim (Rapper Cheetah) / Chomi's interest starring: Our movie is pleasant, keeps running and shouting, and it's such a movie that it satisfies some kind of proxy You may have this or have a heartbreaking experience…]

Actor Jo Min-soo plays the role of a mother and plays the center of the movie with her strong acting

powers, directed by Cheon's boyfriend Nam Yeon-woo


[Movie 'Miss Behavior '(women who overturned the Miss World competition)]

The' Miss World 'contest in England, which began in 1951 and grew into a global festival,

reconstructing the true story of the birth of Black Miss World, the first of its kind in 1970.

Keira Knightley jumped into the live broadcast . He played Celly, a human rights activist who criticized women's gender commercialization,

and was well received by female audiences when it was released in England in March


[Seoul Horim Museum 'Saga's Scenery']

, which expresses books and various items stuck in the bookshelf It is a book road of the Joseon Dynasty.

King Jeongjo said, "I feel good just by touching a book."

In the ordinary people, Baeksu Baekdo, who repeatedly painted the characters 'Su' and 'Bok' of life, appeared.

[Seo Ji-min / Horim Museum Curator: Decorate your own room with a book or a textbook that contains long-lived and blessed content.] The

Seoul Folim Museum's Special Exhibition of Folklore, 'The Scenery of the Bookshelf- The Book Street Character Map will continue until July 31st.