To restart the sports club with clusters Ichikawa Chiba New Corona May 29 16:46

The first “cluster” in Chiba Prefecture, where a sports club in Ichikawa City has taken thorough measures to prevent infection, will resume operations from the 1st of next month. The sports club says, "We would like to take measures and make the facility safe to use."

At the sports club "Ace <Axis Core> Ichikawa" in Ichikawa City, it was confirmed that five users in total from February to March were infected with the new coronavirus.

It is said that the first "cluster" has occurred in Chiba prefecture, and the chief manager of this store, Mr. Masaru Koyama, said, "My head became blank with the feeling of encountering something unknown. I was worried that the infection would spread further. I looked back.

Five people had different usage dates and times, and a survey in Chiba Prefecture, etc. could not identify the route of infection, but at one time, about 800 people such as users were subject to health observation as concentrated contacts and at the club, It means that I was pressed for correspondence such as contacting the phone.

After that, there were no new infected people, but out of the approximately 2000 members, approximately 600 have withdrawn and approximately 400 have withdrawn.

At that time, users and neighbors said, "What if I was so depressed that I couldn't go to the company?", "Isn't this a virus nest?"

The store was closed from February 25th to disinfect the inside of the store, and then some of the stores were restarted in mid-March.

However, the leave request from the sports club issued by Chiba Prefecture was canceled on the 1st of next month, and after thorough measures against infectious diseases, we decided to resume business.

First of all, we installed partitions on each side of the running machine with a height of about 2 meters.

In addition to disinfecting sheets installed here and there so that the used tools can be immediately disinfected, the number of users is limited to 60% to 70% of the number at the peak time, so entry is restricted.

Users will be able to check the congestion level on the website, and we will call for cooperation.

In addition, the program conducted in the studio will halve the number of students to keep the distance for each user, and the instructor will face in the same direction as the user so that they do not face each other, and they will take lessons through the mirror.

In addition, we decided to stop the business for one hour from 5 pm and set up a dedicated time zone for disinfection, including equipment, floors, handrails, lockers, and other detailed parts.

Mr. Koyama said, "I think there will be few users for a while, but I believe that they will come back soon. I pray that the second and third waves do not come, and take measures so that everyone can use it with confidence. I would like to thoroughly carry out the above. "