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Only 2020 Survivors could get the Legion (as Hugo Sierra's unconditional supporters are called ) and the Civil Guard to face each other in the final stretch of the reality . It is true that at the moment only Ana María Aldón is a finalist, finalist, but the duel that will be lived in the last expulsion of Survivors, is the duel that should have been experienced in the grand final. It breaks me, and you don't know to what extent, that there is no final duel between Hugo Sierra and Jorge . The trick of Survivors 2020 , starting Hugo Sierrathe position of first finalist, has caused that the two survivors who would have to be in that great final, end up facing each other in a last nomination and leaving a final whose winner will be who is victorious from said expulsion. A pity, because it could have been a dream final and he is going to be in a final without any interest. If Hugo Sierra wins the expulsion, it will be him who wins Survivors 2020 ; if Jorge wins , he will be the winner. It is my humble opinion, but both Ana María Aldón and Rocío Flores have nothing to do with any of them. They have loaded a grand finale.

Why? The answer is due to another question: And how is it possible that if last week 2020 Survivors , organization, presenters and even Sursum Corda announced that Hugo Sierra was a finalist last night, he was no longer a finalist? Well, I do not know if it is a "conspiracy", as Hugo Sierra pointed out last night , or is it that they tried to sneak up on us all the audience. What I do know is that last week there was an assured finalist (and I do not care if it was Hugo Sierra that Jorge or Rocío Flores or Ana María Aldón ) and suddenly of leader nothing and finalist less. "Conspiracy" I do not know, but I cheat, for a while.

I want to think that things have been done this badly due to the circumstances that Survivors 2020 have encountered due to the health crisis due to the coronavirus and that there is nothing more than that. For the first time in its history, the Survivors final has had to live its last two weeks in Spain. For the first time, the contestants leave Honduras and face a quarantine. For the first time, his last days have to be in a resort outside Madrid and not on the island. For the first time, the reunion with his relatives becomes a glass in between and with a door of hugs that broke my heart last night. For the first time, Survivors will not have a final to use but will have the final that the coronavirus has forced them to have.

All of this, of course, forces you to adapt and change on the go. Maybe last week Survivors 2020 announced that whoever won the last leader test on the island would become the first finalist was a miscalculation, but if things were done that way and then did not fit reality, the best thing is or leave them as they are or acknowledge the error. What I am not worth is that they believe that the audience has fallen off a cherry, because none of us have climbed a tree.

The Survivors 2020 "conspiracy"

Last week, in the last program from Honduras, Lara Álvarez and Jorge Javier Vázquez announced that whoever won the leader test was going to become the first finalist of this edition. Hugo Sierra achieved the leader necklace, therefore, immunity and, therefore, he was the first finalist of Survivors 2020 . This has been the case throughout the week, until after the last Survivors 2020: In no man's land , the finalist was no longer so clear and, of course, the immunity, much less. The program announced that the contestants would face a new leader test this Thursday and that this would be the first finalist. So what was the use of Hugo Sierra proclaiming himself leader last Thursday? Absolutely nothing. And what has this led to? Well, the so-called Legion of Hugo Sierra has exploded against the organization and with good reason.

I am not going to make, much less, an allegation against Hugo Sierra. He seems to me an unbearable guy, who has survived spectacularly, but who has been the worst person to live with in all Survivors 2020 . It has an introverted and difficult character with which I find it hard to empathize. However, if one thing is promised, it has to be kept. It would seem to me just as terrible if they had done the same to any of the others, so no matter how little I support Hugo Sierra, it seems painful to me that they curl the curl until there is no rope to take away the dream with which all those who They still dream of fulfilling: reaching the final and becoming a winner .

I was also very surprised that, being as he is, that he is not silent or half and that he has no hair on his tongue when it comes to claiming what he thinks is fair, he did not say that his mouth is mine when he detached himself from his leader necklace and had to face another test of leadership and new nominations, ceasing to be the first finalist in this edition to become one more. Just as the explanations that Survivors 2020 has not given to the audience, they have given them to Hugo Sierra. I also don't think it took that long to explain things well and tell why last week was one thing and last night was another.

The move by Survivors 2020 has been fatal. If they had left things as they announced last week, Hugo Sierra would have been the first finalist, last night would have been the second and the third would come from the last nomination, which ensured a final duel between Jorge and Hugo Sierra , a great final. A great final that was charged last night for not fulfilling what was promised. Without Hugo Sierra as a finalist and with Ana María Aldón as a real finalist, it was clear that the last nomination and, therefore, the last expulsion was going to be between Hugo and Jorge . You have to be silly.

Hugo Sierra and Jorge, last nominees

After Barranco's expulsion last night in his duel with his great friend Jorge, the way to go to offer the final that this edition deserved was more than paved. But the skein had to be entangled, that great duel had to be carried off. If Hugo Sierra wins this last expulsion, who will be able to face his Legion, nobody. If Jorge wins, who will be able to overcome the spectacular support he has from a good part of the audience, nobody. They are the two best survivors left and facing them is practically impossible.

Yes, Ana María Aldón has been the great surprise of this edition and, of course, she deserves to be in the final beyond her fake dramas and her theaters, but in a final with Hugo Sierra , the Legion eats her, and with a end with Jorge, too. It would not be the same if in the end Jorge and Hugo Sierra face each other because Jorge has not only been an exceptional survivor, but also has the support of all those who see him as the representation of those who have been risking their lives since he will declare the alarm status.

Last night, in her emotional reunion with her children, her little daughter told her, "the whole civil guard is voting for you." Actually, I do not know if the entire civil guard is voting for him, but I do know that many people, especially people who are not as hooked or live the reality with as much passion as the followers of Hugo Sierra , want to make him a winner. If they asked me right now who I think is going to be victorious from this last nomination, I would not know which of the two to bet on, although last night the program was in charge of trying to reduce the forces of Hugo Sierra or, quite the contrary. Last night, the confrontation of Jorge Javier Vázquez with Hugo Sierra , I think it served to give one more push, if it is possible, to all that Legion. If the intention was to reveal the curmudgeon that Hugo Sierra can be and the bad fleas that he wears out, the result was, it gives me, quite the opposite. The more they step on Hugo Sierra , the stronger he gets up thanks to his Legion .

Because after the expulsion from Barranco - another great survivor who has been left without end by his relationship with Rocío Flores -, after Jorge's joy at being saved and after the emotional and shocking reunions of the contestants with their loved ones, it was really fat. Know who was proclaimed leader, who made sure to be a finalist and who would have to see them in the last nomination. And that's when all the sticks of the shadow collapsed. In a test of leader adapted to the circumstances -do not expect tests like the spinning wheel that Sofía Suescun faced , the circumstances are what they are-, Ana María Aldón was proclaimed leader and, therefore, the first finalist to which, This time, the organization would not take away his title. It was saying Lara Álvarez that she was the leader and knowing what would come next: Hugo Sierra and Jorge , last nominees.

It is incredible that Rocío Flores has done her entire contest with a single nomination, I think the first week of the contest. I also know that it will be difficult for the first cut of the grand final to pass. In fact, waiting for which of the two, if Jorge or Hugo Sierra , is saved, my bet is that in the grand final the first to stay in the attempt will be Rocío Flores and that the final duel will be Ana María Aldón and Jorge or Hugo Sierra . A final with the right interest, where Ana María has almost impossible to beat either of them, and where Survivors 2020 has lost the opportunity to give an exciting final and a battle that was going to be more than equaled. If I tell you the truth, the ones who lose the most are them.

Jorge Javier faces Hugo Sierra

If we add to this the broncon that Jorge Javier Vázquez and Hugo Sierra had last night , if someone confronts Hugo, he really has nothing to do. It turns out that all the contestants faced the test of leader after the reunion with their families, all except Hugo Sierra . The Uruguayan had his reunion after the leading test, which felt like a kick to them. It is true that Hugo Sierra's competitiveness borders on the sick, that he battles each test as if his life were in it, that he complains about even the fly that flies over him while he performs the tests, but it is true that last night he was largely right . Rocío Flores , Ana María Aldón and Jorge arrived at the leader test with morale in the air after having seen their loved ones and after having been able to hug them (through the door of the hugs, that last night all the rules were met) and Hugo did not have that rise in morale.

Neither morale boost and above with the grudge of why he was the only one who had not been called to see his relatives. Come on, you didn't make it to the test at its best. As he lost, Hugo Sierra took 0.2 to show the injustice of being the only one to dispute the test in these conditions, which made Jorge Javier let go of everything I think has been keeping silent with Hugo Sierra throughout the reality show . It is true that last night he told her that he loved to "bitch" him and it is also true that the presenter has been nipping him nipples throughout the contest, however, Jorge Javier really wanted to tell him what he said last night.

It was Jorge Javier himself who, before Hugo Sierra was reunited with his brother, warned that he had a monumental anger because he saw that what Survivors 2020 had done with him was "a conspiracy". "I have to say that Hugo has a championship rage for having lost the test and not being a leader. Attention because he says that we have harmed him because everyone has seen his relatives before the game and he has not," announced Jorge Javier. Indeed, Hugo had a rage that clings to the males that increased when Jorge Javier showed his bad lose. "You can't have that bad losing, boy," the presenter scolded him.

"I always like to play in the same conditions as the others. I would have liked to have it before I was here," a very annoyed Hugo pointed out, to which Jorge Javier replied that if he had won, he would not be saying that. And surely he is right, but he did not win. It is as if I tell Jorge Javier that if Hugo Sierra had reunited with his brother and had seen his son before the test, then surely he would have won. The thing was even more because Hugo Sierra was not going to be intimidated if he told him what JJ told him , and JJ told him more than enough: "Don't come to me with stories. I think you don't deserve it as a contestant because they are ridiculous. It is like the curmudgeonly grandfather. If you want an excuse, find yourself a more elaborate one but it is not sucker Stop! ". ¡Hala, you did not want war, because take a bombita. "It's what I feel. Let's see if now I'm going to have to say what the Lord wants, don't screw up! " Whoops! And how is this ridicule fixed? Well, going to publicity. Oh, Hugo had caught them with the ice cream cart!

I don't know how a contest with so much experience and with such great professionals who have calluses on their backs to deal with a thousand situations like this, continue to make such book mistakes. I begin to think that what they are looking for in Survivors 2020 is really to ignite the audience, that they are looking for it is an absurd controversy that will surely give them very good benefits, but that from the outside they seem intentional errors to touch the pellets. With how easy it would have been to fulfill what was promised, how easy it would have been to leave the leader test when everyone had had their reunions, with how easy it would have been without dirty tricks ...

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