Sister chased her father for 25 years, the prosecutor did not prosecute the suspect ’s father because of insufficient evidence of the accomplice

  Beijing News (Reporter Li Yifan) In a dispute 26 years ago, Zhang Moubiao of Cili County in Hunan disappeared after stabbing Zhang Guoheng. In November last year, Zhang Moubiao was arrested by the police. His father, Zhang Mouzhuo, was arrested by the prosecution for allegedly committing a crime with Zhang Moubiao. This morning (May 29), a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Hunan Provincial Procuratorate that although the police found Zhang Mouzhuo suspected of intentional injury, the prosecutor believed that the fact that Zhang Mouzhuo and his son committed a joint crime was unclear and the evidence was insufficient. . After several withdrawals, the prosecution made a decision not to prosecute. In response, the two daughters of the victim, Zhang Guoheng, were preparing to file a "Complaint for the Decision to Dispute or Not Prosecute" to the Zhangjiajie City Procuratorate.

The suspect ’s father ’s accomplice has insufficient evidence, and the prosecution decided not to prosecute

  The Beijing News previously reported that in 1994, a dispute occurred in Cili County, Hunan. During the conflict, Zhang Moubiao, who was 16 years old, disappeared after stabbing Zhang Guoheng. Zhang Guoheng's two daughters started chasing their father for 25 years. On November 28, 2019, a reporter from the Beijing News confirmed from the Cili County Public Security Bureau that on September 29, 2019, the police of the task force arrested Zhang Moubiao, a suspect suspected of intentionally injuring to death in Guangdong, when he was arrested. Whitewash identity.

  After Zhang Moubiao was arrested, his sister Zhang Mouchun and father Zhang Mouzhuo were apprehended by Cili County Prosecutor. The police in Cili County previously reported that the suspect Zhang Mouchun was suspected of harboring and sheltering, and Zhang Mouzhuo was also detained because of changes in the case. After that, Zhang Mouzhuo and three others were sent to the prosecution for review and prosecution by the Cili County Public Security Bureau.

  This morning (May 29), a reporter from the Beijing News confirmed from the Cili County Procuratorate that Zhang Mouzhuo, who was transferred by the Cili County Public Security Bureau, had been issued a "non-prosecution decision" on 21st. .

  The above-mentioned documents obtained by the reporter of the Beijing News from the victim Zhang Guoheng ’s young daughter Zhang Aqin showed that the public security organ determined that on the morning of July 2, 1994, the two people had a dispute over the irrigation of farmland at the edge of the field due to water disputes. Later, Zhang Mouzhuo cut Zhang Guoheng's right arm with a pig-killing knife (identified as a serious injury). When Zhang Guoheng fled to Tiangen after being injured, Zhang Mouzhuo's son Zhang Moubiao was stabbed to death.

  The "Non-Prosecution Decision" also mentioned that after the case was transferred to the public prosecution agency, it was returned to the investigation agency on January 13 and March 26 this year to supplement the investigation. After the investigation organs completed the investigation on February 13 and April 22, they were transferred and prosecuted.

  The police found that Zhang Mouzhuo had severely injured Zhang Guoheng's right arm with a pig-killing knife, and that Zhang Mouzhuo and Zhang Moubiao committed a joint crime. However, the Cili County Procuratorate believed that the facts were unclear, the evidence was insufficient, and the conditions for prosecution were not met, and finally decided not to prosecute Zhang Mouzhuo.

The victim's daughter will appeal to the higher procuratorate

  Regarding this result, Zhang Aqin told the Beijing News reporter that she was going to submit a "Complaint for Disagreement or Prosecution Decision" to the Zhangjiajie City Procuratorate.

  A staff member of the Cili County Procuratorate said that if the close relatives of the accused refused to accept the previous decision of the court, they could appeal to the procuratorate at the next higher level within 7 days after receiving the "Decision" and request a public prosecution; , Filed a private prosecution directly with the court.

  In addition, Zhang Aqin and her sister submitted complaint materials to the Cili County Commission for Discipline Inspection in April this year. Among them, Zhang Aqin and his sister made a few claims, including handling the case handling personnel who obtained the bail pending trial for Zhang Mouzhuo; those who helped Zhang Moubiao change his household registration information to help him wash his identity. At present, the Cili County Commission for Discipline Inspection has received the materials and intervened in the investigation.