In the 100 days since the Hanau attack, practically no day has passed without a racist, far-right or anti-Semitic attack. Against old and young people, men and women, against mothers with prams and against small children. ZEIT ONLINE has already documented the incidents twice. This article collects all of these attacks. However, many attacks are not public, some are not even reported to the police. This chronicle is therefore incomplete, but it is still unsettling.

February 20: During a vigil for the victims of the Hanau attack, a man shows the Hitler salute on Paulsplatz in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt police confirmed this on Twitter. Officials issue a reprimand and report charges of sedition and the use of badges of unconstitutional organizations.

February 21: On Friday morning, unknown people perpetrate two arson attacks on a shisha bar and a kebab snack bar in Döbeln, Saxony. Because a politically motivated crime cannot be ruled out, the police extremism and terrorism defense center is investigating. The State Criminal Police Office has announced that there is no new investigation so far.

February 21: In Berlin, a drunk 34-year-old homophobes insults and threatens two men, who is racially insulted when the police come to the rescue, including an immigrant official. The state protection investigates for sedition, insults and attempted bodily harm.

February 21: The number of extreme right-wing acts of violence rose in Berlin in 2019 by 20 percent compared to the previous year. Senator Geisel told Tagesspiegel that the number has even quintupled since 2012 . The clearance rate rose slightly to 37.7 percent last year. 

Another shot at a shisha bar

February 21: At Dortmund Airport, the federal police control 22 suspected right-wing extremists who are on their way to Sofia. You are suspected of participating in an annual Neonazi march in the Bulgarian capital. Nine people are denied exit.

February 22: InStuttgart fire unknown shots at a shisha bar. One of the projectiles is said to have broken through a window. Nobody got hurt. Since a politically motivated act cannot be ruled out, the state protection determines.

February 22: Shots are fired in Heilbronn that night from Sunday to Monday. They may be directed against Abdurrahman Atasoy, Secretary General of the Turkish-Islamic Confederation Ditib. Projectiles are found in front of his sister's house, where Atasoy had just arrived. The criminal police begin the investigation.

February 23: During a carnival parade in Schirgiswalde in Saxony, participants show symbols of the identity movement. The men are disguised as Spartans and carry the black and yellow signs of the far-right group on their shields. As reported by the MDR, Bautzen district administrator Michael Harig, in whose district the town is located, condemned the event. But he claims that he did not see this part of the train himself.