The life-saving grace is short and long

  A family of three wrote a thank-you letter more than ten times

  "Today, our family of three can stand here one by one, relying on the careful treatment and care of medical staff." On the morning of May 28, Cui Mingen, a 81-day-old patient with new coronary pneumonia who was discharged from hospital, accompanied his parents to return to Wuhan. Six hospitals sent pennants and thank-you letters to the medical staff who had treated them, and thanked the angels in white to help their family get a new life.

  "The most difficult time for the whole family is when they give us hope"

  33-year-old Cui Mingen is from Northeast China, and settled in Wuhan after graduation. This year he originally planned to return to his hometown in the Northeast with his parents for the Chinese New Year, but did not expect to be disrupted by the sudden epidemic situation.

  On January 20, Cui Mingen's mother, Ms. Sun, began to have a fever, and CT found an infection in her lungs. He took his mother while waiting to get an infusion during a fever clinic. On January 30, her mother's condition deteriorated, she had a high fever of 39.2 ° C, and she had severe gasping. Cui Mingen took her to the Sixth Hospital of the City to find a hot clinic.

  "A patient is in a serious condition. Can you find a way to transfer the bed?" Yang Zhi, the receiving doctor, immediately dialed the phone of the medical department after reading the test results. After coordinated by the deputy director of the Medical Affairs Department, He Peng, a bed was vacated. That afternoon, Ms. Sun was admitted to the hospital.

  Before he could breathe, Mr. Cui and his father were also successful. "My husband and son are also infected. Our family is unaccompanied here, can you help us?" On February 15, He Peng received Ms. Sun's help.

  He Peng immediately reported to the dean Liu Jianhua, considering the critical condition of the father and son, Liu Jianhua tried his best to squeeze out two beds. "When our family was the most difficult, City Six Hospital extended a helping hand, allowing us to see hope in despair." Cui Mingen said that he and his father were admitted to the hospital that afternoon. In order to give them peace of mind, the hospital also arranged a family of three in the same isolation ward.

  "All the names in the book are the benefactor's names"

  "Relax and maintain a good state of mind." Jia Yegui, the director of the ward, counsels the Cui Mingen family every day, telling them a lot of news about the cure and leaving the hospital, and invigorating them. "Your family should work together!" Nurses often encourage them.

  The meticulous treatment and meticulous care of the medical staff has made the Cui Mingen family gradually relieve the burden and build up their confidence in defeating the disease. In order to remember every medical care that helped him, Cui Mingen deliberately found a small book and asked them to sign as soon as someone came in.

  "At that time, there was only one goal: to save this family at all costs." He Peng said that Cui Mingen's family of three were critically ill patients. The hospital's new coronary pneumonia expert team repeatedly discussed their conditions and developed a personalized treatment plan. Cui Mingen's parents were discharged one after another under one person, one strategy and personalized integrated Chinese and Western medicine. After more than 20 days of treatment, Cui Mingen, the most ill, recovered and was discharged from the hospital on March 9.

  A thank-you letter wastes more than ten sheets of red paper

  Today, Cui Mingen, who is working in a state-owned enterprise, has successfully resumed work. After returning home from work, he sits with his parents and eats a hot Northeast dish. This is his happiest moment every day.

  Seeing that Wuhan is getting better every day, returning to the Sixth Hospital of the city to thank the medical staff who helped and treated himself at that time has become the common wish of the whole family. Early in the morning on May 27, Cui Mingen rushed to the Sixth Hospital of the city to ask for information from Dr. Yang Zhi and Director He Peng, and confirmed that they were in the hospital the next day.

  "The thank-you letter was written by my mother that night." Cui Mingen said that he originally planned to print a thank-you letter, but his 60-year-old mother felt too sincere and insisted on buying red paper to go home and write. "After reading the draft I wrote, my mother was not satisfied, and felt that she did not express our sincere gratitude." She began to condense and condensed to more than 900 words, and drafted no more than 5 times. More than ten sheets of red paper. I wrote more than half of it several times, and found that there was a sentence in it that was not good enough, and I wrote it again with new paper. It was written from 5 pm until almost 1 am.

  "Shuangxin, a good doctor of morals, and good medicine" "Abide by medical ethics and be loyal to their duties; noble medical ethics, graciousness like mountains", on the morning of May 28, Cui Mingen's family rushed to City Six Hospital, under the guidance of nurse Wang Chun Send two pennants and a letter of thanks to Dr. Yang Zhi and Director He Peng. In the isolation ward, more than 20 medical staff were thanked each other. They shook hands and hugged like relatives who had not seen for a long time. "Thank you, we will be relatives in the future and welcome everyone to eat dumplings in our house at any time!" The reborn family sent an invitation to the medical staff who took care of themselves.

  Text / Reporter Liu Xuan Correspondent Luo Yao