Online funeral Attendance from a remote location Aomori New Corona May 29, 16:39

A funeral company in Aomori Prefecture is working on a new form of funeral that can be attended online, as restrictions on movement across prefectures continued due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

This is done by the funeral company "Linkmore" in Aomori City.

The number of funeral attendees at this company has declined since last month in response to calls for self-restraint to move across prefectures and to go out.

For this reason, we started the "online funeral" initiative from the beginning of last month so that we can attend the funeral from a remote location.

If the bereaved family wishes, a camera and computer will be installed at the funeral venue in Aomori City, and dedicated staff will take pictures and deliver the funeral status on the Internet.

It has been used 3 times so far, and it is said that the son who lives in Saitama prefecture attended the funeral of his father who lived in Aomori city online as a mourner.

A man in his 60s in Aomori City who took advantage of this initiative later this month said, "During the declaration of an emergency, my mother suddenly died and my daughter's family gave up not being able to attend a funeral. An online funeral for a daughter living in Chiba Prefecture Was able to attend. I was able to spend a time with a smile with my relatives, and I became a good filial piety. "

It means that this company also has a mechanism that allows you to burn incense while riding in a car.

"Linkmore" President Motoyuki Funabashi said, "We started as a response to the new coronavirus, but funerals utilizing online and drive-through are available for people with disabilities and people who want to participate from afar. I think it will become a saucer for people. "