The opening ceremony of the Central American Graduation Exhibition opened for 4 days, with nearly 3 million page views. The creator said:

Special graduation exhibition, regretful and happier

  Our reporter Wang Guangyan

  There was no face-to-face exhibition site, no flowers and applause to celebrate graduation. On the afternoon of May 22nd, "At that time," the 2020 Central Academy of Fine Arts online graduation season kicked off, and an exhibition of graduate work in the virtual space was in the cloud Quietly. According to data provided by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, as of the afternoon of May 26, this unprecedented "Never Go Offline" graduation exhibition has welcomed nearly 3 million visitors, with visitors covering more than 110 countries and regions. There are regrets and joys in the special 2020 graduation exhibition.

Chang Rui

Unfortunately, the online exhibition failed to communicate with the audience

  "I first heard that the graduation exhibition is definitely going to be held online. At that time, I was quite desperate. I thought it would be a display form like the WeChat public account." Chang Rui, a graduate student in the printmaking department, said that the virtual art museum was highly restored The offline display effect is very different from his previous imagination.  

  The art forms of the works of students in different departments are different. How to restore the charm of their works online is a matter of great concern to many students from the beginning. Chang Rui's work "Circulation of Symbiosis" is a sphere with a diameter of 40 cm suspended by a magnetic levitation device. This work was inspired by the epidemic. He hopes to express the cycle of life and death and the hope of survival through the content of the picture and the rotation of the planet.  

  "Originally, the on-site exhibition of the work was a magnetic levitation device, but now there is no offline exhibition. I can only use other methods to display the work." In order to let the audience better watch the work, Chang Rui used a video on the personal display page It slowly rotates the sphere, and explains the concept and production process of the work in detail with a large number of pictures. In the virtual art gallery, in addition to the graduation creations and academic papers of the students, there are nearly one million words of creative experience sorted out by the students. Compared with physical art galleries, virtual art galleries are no longer confined to the limitations of space, and more comprehensively present the learning and growth process of graduates. Chang Rui said that the regret of the online exhibition is that he did not communicate with the audience at any time. For this reason, he also left his own short video social platform account at the end of the work in order to be able to communicate better with the audience.

Department of Sculpture

Do your best in uncertainty

  Lin Zihao, a graduate student in the sculpture department, returned to his rented residence in Yanjiao from his home in Zhejiang on the sixth day of the New Year's Day, where he graduated and prepared for the teacher qualification examination. As a result, the school quickly informed everyone that they could not return to school for the time being. Lin Zihao stayed in the small rented room for several months.  

  Lin Zihao's graduation creation is a series of sculptures of "Who Has Been Here". He used wood, mud, hemp and other materials to shape several works of "Death", "Remembrance", "Thinking", "Fearlessness", and "Wishing" The work constitutes a timeline, which contains my thoughts and memories of the past, my understanding of the present, and my expectations for my future. "  

  Lin Zihao said that when he first learned that his works were displayed online, he was a little flustered, because the sculpture was three-dimensional, and it was inevitable that some content would be lost when displayed on the screen. But he quickly adjusted his mindset, "Exhibits in museums, exhibition hall lighting and other external factors are beyond your control; but if you show online, you can have more control over the rendering effect."  

  In order to make the photos displayed on the sculpture works better online, Lin Zihao found a wedding photography shop to take photos of the works. "I am still satisfied with the final display effect, and I have done my best. Although the online exhibition is destined to regret, but after the virtual museum is built from scratch, everyone feels very new and very fulfilled."

Yang Yongjia, Chinese Painting Academy

Let the works "exhibit" in the theater of life

  "The graduation works exhibition in previous years was a ceremonial event. In the crowded art gallery space, art works are inspired and vitalized. Stopping and watching can make this graduation drama full of a unique sense of ceremony. "After the offline graduation exhibition was canceled, Yang Yongjia, a graduate student of the Chinese Painting Academy, took a new path and decided to be a curator, allowing graduated works to" exhibit "in different scenes of life in order to find this sense of ceremony.

  Yang Yongjia named his work the "Boundary Crossing-Graduation Theater" series. He took his works created with materials such as wooden frames and rice paper to the fields, in front of the subway station, outside the school door, etc., and recorded them with the lens The next "exhibition" process. "Some pedestrians are curious when passing by, and will deliberately look back and forth carefully. Changes in the space change the audience's viewing mode, because the work is not in the museum, people are embarrassed to stop and watch."

  In the process, Yang Yongjia reflected on the relationship between art and reality. "Can the art work only be hung in the museum, what is its vitality? When it is in the environment around us, it becomes part of the natural landscape, and it may be easier for the audience to resonate." Yang Yongjia also interviewed several people who watched themselves. The audience of the work, and record their evaluations as part of the online exhibition of the work.  

  "During the epidemic, passive online exhibitions have spawned a more active and changeable way of artistic creation, and the heart of being isolated at home by the virus has also found an opportunity to fly oneself in the outdoor space environment." Yang Yongjia said that this was a long-term plot The "jailbreak" of the museum is also a "border crossing" of his profession. Rather than let the works wait for the audience on the virtual network, it is better to use imagination, take the initiative to attack, and enter life.