Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Transportation Bureau released the news:

  This morning (29th), the construction site at a distance of 100 meters from the Xincheng Tunnel south to north of Yangtze River Avenue in Nanjing City collapsed and urgent emergency repairs are underway. There is only one lane of traffic from south to north. The traffic police department has implemented temporary traffic control at the scene, prohibiting the passage of all large passenger cars and trucks. Please follow the instructions of the civilian police, arrange the route reasonably, and avoid the repair section of Yangzijiang Avenue.

  At 11:30 noon, according to the latest news provided by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau: At present, the road section is still congested and the vehicle queues are long. Many police officers are on the scene to divert traffic and call on the driver to bypass and avoid as much as possible This section.

  (CCTV reporter Wu Rui Chen Zuxing)