Former producer Harvey Weinstein during his Manhattan trial - Matthew McDermott / Polaris / Starface

Harvey Weinstein faces new charges after being sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. According to the Hollywood Reporter , no less than four women have filed complaints against the former boss of Miramax for rape.

Bob Weinstein, Miramax and Disney are also named in the suit, which states that they "knew or reasonably should have known that Harvey Weinstein had a propensity to engage in sexual misconduct and would use his position and power to lure Plaintiffs" https: //

- The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) May 29, 2020

The facts would have occurred between 1984 and 2013 and one of the alleged victims was 17 years old when she was victim, according to her complaint, of the actions of Harvey Weinstein. In documents filed with the court, this accuser says that the producer pretended to invite her to talk to her about work in her hotel room, before raping her, and to threaten her and her relatives with violence, if she told what had happened.

Could Bob Weinstein ignore his brother's behavior?

The other three complaints describe similar facts, usually on the fringes of film festivals. In the legal documents, the four accusers also attack Bob Weinstein, Harvey's brother and his production partner, who they said could not ignore his brother's behavior.

"He knew, or should reasonably have known, that Harvey Weinstein had a propensity for poor sexual behavior and that he tended to use his position and power to lure complainants and actresses into similar situations in his apartment , hotel rooms, or offices by making them believe that these were professional meetings to sexually harass, hit, assault and rape them ", can we read in the legal documents revealed by the Hollywood Reporter .

Sentenced to 23 years in prison last February, Harvey Weinstein is currently incarcerated in New York and pending another trial, this time in Los Angeles, also for rape. His lawyers have not commented on the new charges.


Los Angeles: Weinstein charged for third sexual assault case

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