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Edouard Philippe presented this Thursday, May 28, the measures of the second phase of deconfinement in France. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

By: Norbert Navarro


The press is breathing better this morning in France. On the front page of Le Figaro , an air of freedom blows. The epidemic is receding, freedom is coming back  ", launches with emphasis this newspaper, obviously filled with announcements by the Prime Minister yesterday. The noose is clearly loosened for this phase 2  " appreciates Le Figaro . Certainly, he admits, “  France did not win the World Cup, but it has regained its freedom, darling. Finally, almost, this daily newspaper is still looking forward ! Joy competes with relief. Life - real life - will take back its rights  ”.

But beware, warns this newspaper , “  the hardest part is ahead of us. The match is far from over. The first half of this health crisis we suffered. How can we make sure that the second - economic, that one, and which promises to be much longer - we overcome it ? The urgency has changed in nature  . ”

As one " pillar of the majority  " says  in the daily Le Parisien , "  obsession is to avoid relapse. If you do not stumble in the coming weeks, this can tip the reading of the previous months. Either the opinion will remain stuck on the management of the masks, or it will consider that we have managed to get out of it  ”. At the top of the state, we know, "  nothing would be worse  " than a "  resurgence of the epidemic,  " says Le Parisien .

Liberation does not write anything else. A battle seems to end, another begins , confirms this daily. This is what Libé calls a rediscovered, but monitored freedom  . ” Because phase 2 is also that of a recession which is "  promised to the country  ", warns Libé .

It is indeed unprecedented in France, unemployment has beaten all its records :

In April, the number of registrants at Pôle Emploi thus increased by almost 210,000 ," points out Liberation . This 3.6% increase is the strongest ever observed over a month, the number of Pôle Emploi registrants crossing with it the 6 million mark.  "

"It's a situation never seen before, enhances Le Figaro !" After two months of containment and an unprecedented downturn in the economy, the number of job seekers registered in category A (without any activity) at Pôle Emploi in France (excluding Mayotte) jumped 843,000 in April, compared to in March. Or an unprecedented explosion of… 22.6% in the space of a single short month. This historic increase brings to more than 4.57 million the number of unemployed registered in the main category of Pôle emploi, the highest level ever recorded since the creation of the series in 1996.  " 

The death, finally, of the actor Guy Bedos at the age of 85 years :

All smiles, the humorist occupies half of the front page of the newspaper Le Parisien . He went to paradise  ", writes this daily. Which, on the inside pages, greets "  the pain!  " Because, according to Le Parisien , Guy Bedos was an “inspired gueulard. A sniper, a licensed gunman. A guy who couldn't round corners. "

Exactly. Being reminded that Guy Bedos has always claimed to be from the left, Le Figaro proves this morning that he has a long memory and a tenacious grudge. In the 1980s, Bedos became a little painful ," writes this newspaper. The underground man hammers his political commitments all the time. His militant side takes precedence over the subtle one-showman he was. A deafening roar that made us deaf to his talent. Politics, when you are a comedian, or any artist, makes you stupid. From then on, we either loved him or hated him. There is no middleman,  ”says Le Figaro in his own way

Conversely, the comedian, all dressed in black, appears full-length on the front page of Liberation , a newspaper which highly appreciated Guy Bedos and who still appreciates him. Because this hilarious and committed atrabilaire was "  of all the excitement and all the fighting of the left,  " recalls Libé .

In December 2013, in Libé , Guy Bedos had played the editors-in-chief. In an interview then granted to this daily, and of which Liberation publishes this morning extracts, the humorist, evoking his farewell to the scene declared: "  I spent my life flirting with death and even often hoped for it, since childhood (…) It is certain that something will die in me. Like a love story that ends. For half a century, this physical, carnal contact with the public enchanted me. I will continue to express myself, but nothing, not even a play, with its profile play, can no longer give me such satisfaction. So part of me will disappear,  "said Guy Bedos to Liberation .

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