We are at D-4: next Tuesday, we will find almost everywhere in France most of our freedoms ... Yes, and as much the first phase of deconfinement, May 11, had been punitive, a kind of light confinement, as much this time, as Edouard Philippe says, "freedom becomes the rule again, and prohibition the exception". It is curious, moreover: the Prime Minister had used the exact same expression / phrase 3 weeks ago, but we had not believed it. This time it should be the right one.

Good, but there are still a few steps to take: June 15, the borders, and June 22, an almost total deconfinement of the country

Yes, this war against the virus is not over. But never has Edouard Philippe been so optimistic. Finally, optimistic about the health crisis, because for the rest (I mean the economic and social crisis), it was rather the opposite. For the first time since the country's shutdown in mid-March, the Prime Minister spoke of another emergency, of a "new front that opens today": the economic crisis and social. And now it is no longer a concept, a vague threat, a theory. It is a nasty reality: we had learned, a few hours before the announcements of Edouard Philippe, that France had 850,000 more unemployed in April. It's a record, of course, but that doesn't mean anything: it's a cataclysm, in reality. While France was locked, it benefited from treatments (such as partial unemployment) which mitigated the violence of the economic and social shock. This anesthesia abruptly dissipated yesterday: the health crisis is fading, unemployment and business bankruptcies are there.

Schools, colleges, high schools will open more widely

Yes, finally, because that is the key: the economy will not recover if employees and civil servants cannot return to work because of the babysitters. The teachers therefore hold part of the health of our country in their hands. They are slow to mobilize, and the restart of the country will be affected. It is a sign, moreover: for the first time, Jean-Michel Blanquer has used this argument publicly. Until then, we talked about dropouts and inequality between students. This time, finally, we suggest to teachers that their responsibility goes beyond the simple mission of a teacher.

Good… lots of health and economics topics. Did Edouard Philippe also do politics during his press conference?

Yes, in his own way, in small touches, small sentences. We know, since the beginning of the health crisis, that he is more cautious, less inclined towards deconfinement than Emmanuel Macron. We know that this difference in appreciation has even become a problem between them. So Edouard Philippe did not resist the urge to put a few small stones, a way of emphasizing that he was responsible, and of claiming his share of success in the fight against the epidemic. Here, this sentence about certain rooms that will not be able to reopen right away: "I'm sorry, he slipped, but it's my duty". Message sent live to the Elysée.