Declaration cancellation Many mountain climbers on Mt. Takao, Tokyo Thorough implementation of infection prevention measures on May 29, 16:51

In response to the cancellation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's emergency declaration, many mountaineering tourists visit Takaoyama, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo, and a call to take thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection is made locally. I am told.

Many mountain climbers have visited Mt. Takao since the morning of the 29th.

The cable car connecting the foot and the hillside was suspended during the large holidays this month, and calls were made to refrain from using it for tourism purposes until the declaration of emergency was lifted.

The operating company calls for wearing a mask when riding, and wants to reduce the number of passengers to about one-third of the capacity to avoid so-called "three density", but driving with about half the normal number of people As it was being held, the crowd seemed to be inevitable.

A 70-year-old man from Tokyo said, "This is the first time I've been to a mountain climber. The weather is nice and it feels good. I'm a little worried because there are still infected people in various places, but I'm wearing a mask and I'm worried about other people. I want to enjoy it while keeping a distance. "

Prior to the first weekend after the declaration was lifted, local tourist information offices have prepared a sheet of paper that will be distributed to restaurants and other places to prevent infection.

We ask that a small number of people should keep a sufficient distance from other people to climb the mountain, and ask to wear a mask except when eating and drinking during breaks, and there are also English and Chinese ones.

Sayo Kakuyuki of the Takao Yamaguchi Tourist Information Center said, “I am not anxious because I think that the declaration will be lifted and more people will come to mountain climbing. Careful consideration should be given to local residents and others to prevent infection. I hope you enjoy it after you have done this. "

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government continues to call for refraining from unnecessary and urgent movements across the border between the capital and the prefecture.