Wearing a safety helmet is included in the express industry specifications

The courier will report to the company without riding a helmet

  Reporter (Reporter Enran) After the Beijing food delivery industry employees have basically achieved riding and wearing safety helmets, a larger group of courier brothers will also be able to travel with helmets, and wearing safety helmets will also be included in 37 companies in the city. The industry standard requirements of express delivery enterprises. This is what the reporter learned from yesterday's launching ceremony of "riding helmet and safety against accidents" and the demonstration activity of "one helmet and one belt" in the city's express delivery industry.

  The City Express Association issued an industry proposal to 37 express delivery companies in the city, including the wearing of safety helmets as an industry standard.

  According to the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, in the coming period, the city will comprehensively promote the update of express vehicle identification, the driver ’s electronic information card system, and include the wearing of safety helmets in the scope of industry standard management. Road traffic police and traffic coordinators Pavement law enforcement will be further strengthened, and if the courier brother is found not wearing a safety helmet on the pavement, as well as other traffic violations, education, persuasion and punishment will be promptly corrected, and the company will be transferred to the internal traffic safety management.