Hawah offers fun hand washing learning - Hawah

  • In this clip, seven superheroes help children adopt the right actions.
  • An idea carried by the University of Nantes, which imagined a whole educational device around.

Passing your fingers quickly under a stream of water is not enough to protect yourself from the virus. While it is one of the recommended barrier gestures to combat Covid-19, the handwashing stage is not necessarily always well controlled, especially among the youngest. To help children adopt impeccable hygiene, a short clip of about a minute has just been posted on Youtube. Inspired by the world of video games, he stages seven characters, half-animals half-superheroes, who help to adopt the right gestures.

"Each of these superheroes is associated with a specific gesture allowing them to cover part of their hands well," said the leaders of this project called Hawah (HAnd WAsh Health), driven by the University of Nantes. Koala for the wrist, elephant for the thumb, etc. The soundtrack also plays a crucial role in setting the pace and creating a context for lasting auditory memorization. Sluggy the snail or Princess the snake also appear in this short film.

A "hand box" for schools

This animation is in fact only part of a more global awareness device, imagined during a European hackaton in late April. The project had not won but the team continued to work on it to make it operational. "The objective was to constitute a smart, low-cost educational kit that we could deploy in schools," says Francky Trichet, Vice-President Digital of the University of Nantes. In addition to the clip, we have therefore developed a "handbox" which allows children, thanks to the use of fluorescent gel and a UV lamp, to check whether everything has been cleaned properly. We are working to integrate artificial intelligence with a camera that will be able to give advice according to the areas that have not been well rubbed. "

According to the university, this device has been tested in recent days in several classes of schools in the Nantes region, and the feedback is very positive. "What we would like now is for it to develop in as many schools as possible for the start of the new school year in September," says Francky Trichet. According to the latter, a manual for the “do it yourself” version will soon be available: for “less than 200 euros”, teachers who wish can build their box themselves, as part of an educational project with their students for example. A version for the little ones, using a nursery rhyme for example, is in preparation.


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