Comedy woman Shin-Young Kim's' Bukkae '(vice character)' s second aunt, Kim Da-bi, is a topic that she reacts tactfully to unexpected exposure accidents. 

Yesterday (28th), Olive 'Bob Bless You' aired yesterday by Kim Shin-young, who is active as her second aunt Kim Davi, sang her hit song 'Jurajura'. Then, suddenly, Kim Shin-young's skirt went down, and everyone was surprised.
Do-yeon Jang said, "It's a magical performance. Yuri Gella (magician) or what?"  

Kim Shin-young, wearing her skirt in a hurry, excused the scene by excusing, "I'm not doing noise marketing in a nutshell." Park Na-rae saw this and said, "It's an unforgettable sight in my life."
Kim Shin-young also said to the camera director who was filming this figure, "I think that our director was 'soldering'," and said, "I won't catch a cold this year." 

(Photo = Olive Bob Bless You broadcast screen capture)