"Together" filming

  Time report drama celebrates anti-epidemic heroes

  On the day when the crew of the anti-epidemic era report drama "Together" visited Beijing, the temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius, but at the shooting site of a shopping center, most actors were wearing down jackets and scarves. After a chasing scene, the actors were filmed. The clothes inside were almost soaked with sweat. Director Liu Jiang said, "The interior scene made the actors aggrieved, but the exterior scene is more troublesome. Beijing is now full of trees and green grass, but the winter scene cannot be green. Pay attention to it when investigating the scene. Special effects are erased to avoid wearing help. "

  This drama was organized and directed by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and was jointly produced by Shanghai Radio and Television, Yoke Media and Shangshi Film. Based on the real characters and stories of all walks of life during the anti-epidemic period, the ordinary people ’s actions in the general environment are restored. To show the ordinary and great of mutual assistance among the people under the epidemic situation, to overcome difficulties together.

Distinctive style

  "Together" locates the "Time Report Drama", which is a concept proposed by the TV Drama Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and refers to TV drama works that are created relatively quickly, based on real stories, and featuring documentary style.

  Currently, the drama's "Search", "Peer" and "Square Cabin" are being filmed simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi and other places. The creators chose different stories and put them into the shooting in different cities, different seasons, and different scenes, but their original intention to participate in this drama is the same: they want to leave some kind of memorial, compose a memory, and show daily life. Touched in life, pay tribute to the ordinary great.

  The "Search" unit filmed in Beijing is about the follow-up investigation of a new patient diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia by the staff of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The story happened within 24 hours. The "Peer" unit filmed in Wuxi, co-directed by Teng Huatao and Lin Yan, starring Yang Yang, is a road film showing the "retrovert". The "Square Cabin" unit directed by Wang Jun is being filmed in Shanghai, focusing on the experience of the nucleic acid test results from Yang to Yin in 35 days of mild patients, the tone is relatively warm.

  The unit of "The Ferryman" has already been killed in mid-April. Lei Jiayin, who plays the takeaway brother, needs to wear a mask to perform most of the scenes. He said, "It ’s not good to play. After the face is blocked, the eyes are left. It ’s more difficult, I still have to rely on the overall feeling. " But director Shen Yan praised Lei Jiayin, both in acting and appearance, very much like the take-out brother in life. Jin Dong put on protective clothing and goggles, starred in the "Square Cabin" unit, and played the president of a square cabin hospital. As the actor said more lines would cause goggles to be “foggy”, the audience may not even see Jin Dong ’s eyes, but Jin Dong said, “I want to be able to play the characters regardless of whether I can see my eyes clearly. It ’s more three-dimensional and more vivid. "

Medical staff to guide the whole process

  Because this drama has a lot of plots related to epidemiology and medicine, each team treats the creation with the standards of the medical industry drama. Lin Yan introduced that as early as the stage of the first draft of the script, there were professional medical staff to help guide the details, which continued until the final stage. At least three doctors from different departments follow the team at the shooting site, and the actions, lines, clothing, and makeup of each scene are controlled by professionals.

  Yang Yang, who starred in "Peer", went to the hospital to experience and study before starting up. "I have a lot of medical terms in my lines, which are really difficult to memorize. I will try to understand and be familiar with them. There are also the use of medical equipment, such as the use of breathing masks and the operation of throat swab nucleic acid detection. Some operations may seem easy In fact, in order to achieve accurate posture and standardized operation, I have put a lot of effort into it, "he said.

Communicate a sense of social responsibility

  The time is tight, the task is heavy, and the efficiency is high-these three words are used to describe the whole process of "Together" from preparation to start shooting. It is reported that, following the four units of Ferryman, Peer, Search and Cabin, there will also be units such as "Inflection Point of Life", "Survivor", "Dalian" and "Mask".

  Chen Yuren, vice president of Shanghai Film & Television Group, introduced that the play was planned as early as February of this year. In March, scripts of various units were released one after another, and the action was rare. He said, "The whole drama refers to the model of the movie" My Motherland ". The protagonists in the 10 stories cover a wide range of occupations, including medical workers, PLA commanders, police officers, community workers, and courier brothers. Etc. We hope to use this drama to restore the ordinary people's contribution to fighting the epidemic, and at the same time convey the social responsibility of mainstream media. "