BJ Hanmimo (26), a racing model, accused actress A of allegations, including prostitution.

On the 29th, Financial News reported that Han Mi-mo accused Mr. A of alleged violations of the law regarding punishment of prostitution and other gambling practices.

Han Mi-mo introduced Mr. B, the entertainment representative, after proposing that Mr. A would come to Manila, the Philippines, saying, 'I will make a lot of money.' Han Mi-mo insisted that she had sexually abused her from Mr. B, and had to gamble while in captivity under Mr. A's supervision.

Han Mi-mo, who works as a racing model, turned to African TV BJ, and is being broadcast on Twitch after being permanently suspended for exposure.

Mr. A is known as the ex-wife of a famous badminton national representative.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)