The best-selling "Devil's Blade" novel version for the last six months is number one and number two May 29, 5:20

The best-selling books in the last six months have been announced, and the novel version of the manga, "Devil's Blade", which has become popular due to being animated, has monopolized the 1st and 2nd places.

Nisshin Publishing Co., Ltd., which mediates publications, summarized the sales of books for half a year from November 24 last year to this month 23, and announced on 29th.

According to this, the best-selling book was the popular manga novel "Devil's Blade One-Butterfly", and the second-ranked book also had the same novel version, "Devil's Blade Happy Flower".

The original "Devil's Blade" is a cartoon by Goyoge Koyoharu, who was serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" until this month. It was also animated and became popular, The total circulation of all 20 volumes of comics exceeds 60 million.

In addition, Mikako Brady, who lives in the United Kingdom, took 4th place in the essay "I am yellow and white, a little blue", which wrote about problems such as discrimination and poverty through the daily life of parents and children, as well as bullying and abuse. "Children's Six Laws", which explains the law for children in an easy-to-understand manner, came in sixth place.

Other than that, photo books and game strategy books are ranked high, and Nissei analyzes that "while the time spent at home is increasing due to the new coronavirus, the ranking of books that are fun and knowledgeable was conspicuous" I am.