Sino-Singapore Online, May 25th (Wang Ji) "The Spring Breeze-Jiangnan Culture and Art Exhibition" kicked off on the 25th at the Shanghai Museum. The exhibition displays a total of 197 pieces of cultural relics, mainly the cultural relics in the Shanghai Museum, and exhibits important cultural relics from 15 cultural and cultural institutions including Anhui Museum, Hunan Provincial Museum, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Nanjing Museum, and Zhejiang Provincial Museum, covering bone protractors. , Jade, bronze, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, ancient books, lacquerware, furniture, seals and many other categories.

"A Thousand Miles of Spring Breeze-Jiangnan Culture and Art Exhibition". Photo by Xia Junlong

  Regardless of the scenery in Jiangnan, the things in Jiangnan, the people in Jiangnan, and the poetry in Jiangnan, this piece of land in Jiangnan has a unique charm that enchants the soul of the entire nation. The "Spring Breeze-Jiangnan Culture and Art Exhibition" starts with the Qing Dynasty Wang Hui's "Kangxi South Touring Pink Book", which leads to the five major sections of the exhibition, telling the brave and intelligent and elegant and elegant Jiangnan. The free and easy Jiangnan, the peaceful Jiangnan and Mingde self-cultivating Jiangnan, the Yangchun white snow and the floating city of Jiangnan, the sincerity and integrity of the river, the audience can appreciate the beauty of art while experiencing the weight of history and experiencing Jiangnan culture.

  Among them, the section "Hanging the ancient script-Wu Yue, the dream of my desire" is intended to be traced back to the original. Qiuyue Tie ”, Gu Yanwu, the“ ancestor of Qingxueshanshan, ”Gu Yanwu, and other collections of books, etc., highlight the transformation of Jiangnan society from Shang Yong to Chongwen.

  The "An Li Da Sheng-why scream and Xu Xing" section starts with the "five rites", expresses Jiangnan's "knowledge and know the etiquette", and tells about the sustenance and mastery beyond the Jiangnan norms, "freedom" and "poetry" ". It is worth mentioning that the borrowed exhibits in this section of the Three Kingdoms: The Unearthed Paintings of the Palace Banquet Unearthed in the Tomb of Wu Zhuran are regarded as the only remaining physical materials of the Three Kingdoms (decoration) paintings. Extremely rare.

"A Thousand Miles of Spring Breeze-Jiangnan Culture and Art Exhibition". Photo by Xia Junlong

  The "Cast Industry's Intentions-Literal and Elegant and Present Still" section presents Jiangnan characters with cultural relics from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Wu Yue, Qian Yue, and Tang Shunzhi's "Cursive Du Shi Juan" in the Ming Dynasty, telling the responsibilities of Jiangnan's "poetic", Thought and integrity.

  The "Yayi leisure fun-good ancient customs in the southern country" section reproduces the elegant life and poetry, calligraphy, painting and calligraphy creation of ancient Jiangnan literati. Among them, the five generations of Dong Yuan's "Summer Mountain Picture Book" are extremely precious, and the Ming Dynasty Miao Ruiyun Gu Xiuzhu's bamboo, flowers and birds characters (a total of ten open) are relatively fragile. For the protection of cultural relics, the former exhibited for only one month, while the latter exhibited only for five months, and another one and a half months after the opening.

"A Thousand Miles of Spring Breeze-Jiangnan Culture and Art Exhibition". Photo by Xia Junlong

  The “Huaiqi Minghao-Hanging Yunfan Jihaihai” section launched a grand canal and maritime silk with cultural relics such as the three-color holding-pillar lion in the Gongxian kiln in the Tang Dynasty and Xuyang ’s “Gusu Prosperity Scroll” in the Qing Dynasty. The road is prosperous and prosperous, and the paintings of "businessmen, and department stores" in Jiangnan towns.

  It is reported that "The Spring Breeze-Jiangnan Culture and Art Exhibition" will continue until August 23rd. (Finish)