Model Romee Strijd is pregnant. The model and her husband Laurens van Leeuwen announced via Instagram that they are becoming parents for the first time.

The 24-year-old Strijd writes on the social medium that she is grateful for the pregnancy, after being told two years ago that she has PCOS, a disease of the ovaries. PCOS may affect fertility, making the model fearful of becoming pregnant.

"Becoming a mother and starting a family with Laurens was always my big dream," she writes. Struggle found that the condition in her was exacerbated by stress in her body. She changed her pace of life and took more rest and started having her period again after seven years.

Strijd focuses on women who are also trying to conceive with similar problems. "Believe in yourself and be kind to your body. Don't let the negative thoughts beat you."

Strijd and 29-year-old Van Leeuwen, who have been together since their teens, secretly married in 2018 for practical reasons.