Countermeasures against infection at evacuation centers The government will bear part of the cost New coronavirus May 29, 4:38

Amid heavy rains and typhoons, evacuation centers are also worried about new coronavirus infections. In order to have the local government take measures against the infection of the shelters, the government will bear the cost of stocking cardboard beds and other evacuation sites such as hotels.

When setting up evacuation shelters in the event of a disaster, the government requires local governments across the country to take precautions against infections in advance, but some local governments are saying that the cost burden of countermeasures is an issue.

In response to this, the Cabinet Office will bear the cost of infection control measures such as shelters.

As a measure to bear the cost, the cost of stockpiling such as masks and antiseptic solutions used in evacuation centers, thermometers, corrugated beds and partitions, and facilities such as hotels and inns prepared by the local government to disperse evacuation destinations It means that borrowing costs can be raised.

As for financial resources, we will use grants etc. for measures against infectious diseases of the new coronavirus.

The Cabinet Office said, "In preparation for heavy rain and earthquakes, we would like to consider the use of grants and other measures and promptly take measures to prevent infection at evacuation centers and secure many evacuation sites."