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Soon the end of the suspense for summer holidays. The government should give details on the second phase of deconfinement which will start on June 2, and in particular on the organization of the holidays, next week, announced this Sunday the Minister for the Ecological Transition Elisabeth Borne.

“Anyone can start booking their vacation. We will announce the new rules later this week, "said the Minister of Ecological Transition during the program Questions politiques on France Inter, in partnership with Le Monde and France Télévisions.

"Rather to spend your holidays in France"

“From now on, you can book your holidays for the month of July, for the month of August. For the month of June, we will clarify things during the week, "continued Elisabeth Borne.

With the approach of June 2, the next deconfinement milestone, the summer vacation is one of the many thorny issues on the executive table. And until this same date, travel is limited to 100 km around the home.

The government gave the green light on May 14 to reservations "in mainland France and overseas" for July and August, somewhat clearing the horizon for a tourism sector stricken by the confinement and closing of borders.

“We absolutely do not invite the French to book their holidays abroad. This year, the idea is rather to spend your holidays in France, ”said Elisabeth Borne, while Italy and Spain have announced the upcoming reopening of their borders.


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