Capture of the trailer for "Out", a new short film from Pixar studios. - Capture.

We present Greg, first gay main character of the Pixar studio. A new hero posted on Friday on the Disney + platform, in a short film lasting 9 minutes, entitled Out , of which here is a short presentation:

Before Greg, Pixar had created other LGBT + characters, but not in lead roles. The film En avant thus presents a lesbian cyclops policewoman, Specter (it has also been censored in Russia and not broadcast in several countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia because of this). In Toy Story 4 , we see two women caring for a child. However, there are not many of these characters: Disney was hit by the GLADD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation, because of the eleven films produced in 2015, none of them featured an LGBT character.


Disney +: The entire Star Wars saga will be available on the platform on May 4 (but not in France)


The launch of Salto, the French Netflix, postponed until the fall

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