I wanted to go to Changsha but came to Wuhan to do cleaning and become popular in the hospital for a month

  "Take the wrong car" Dalian guy went home and opened a barbecue

  During the epidemic, Jiang Wenqiang, a young man in Dalian who wanted to go to Changsha, accidentally entered Wuhan. Now his "ride in the wrong car" has a happy ending: recently opened a barbecue in his hometown Dalian. He said that it is difficult to do catering now, "I want to do it to show everyone that it is not so difficult."

Small store trial business is OK

  "Dalian Guy" Jiang Wenqiang's barbecue restaurant is called "Dalian Guy Seafood Grill" and has been in trial operation for a few days. Jiang Wenqiang said that business has been okay these past few nights, not busy but very fulfilling.

  Jiang Wenqiang introduced that the idea of ​​opening a barbecue restaurant has been taking place for a long time. He was originally engaged in mobile games and was planning to go to Changsha to discuss cooperation, but he failed to negotiate in Wuhan and the job could not continue. After returning, he wanted to open a restaurant. He had been a cook for six years before.

  In order to find a suitable hotel, Jiang Wenqiang negotiated with many stores, and finally selected a restaurant in Xinkai Road, Xigang District, Dalian. On May 20, "Dalian Guy Seafood Grill" was put into trial operation. In the past few days, customers have unclear signboard meanings, "Dalian" will explain to them, and some people have come here especially for the name.

I bought a lunch box and got into Wuhan by mistake

  On the morning of February 15, the 28-year-old Dalian guy Jiang Wenqiang boarded the high-speed train to Changsha. At noon, he went to the dining car to buy a box of lunch, but did not return to his compartment. As a result, he strayed into a special compartment in Wuhan. After arriving in Wuhan, the people in the whole carriage were "invited" to get off the bus, and the guy also went to Wuhan by mistake.

  Outside the high-speed rail station, there was no car or hotel, and he was almost sleeping on the street. In order to find a job of "bag and eat", he turned his head and went to the hospital to do the cleaning work. In Wuhan First Hospital, Jiang Wenqiang claimed to be "Dalian", working 12 hours a day, from 7 am to 10 pm, wearing protective clothing three times into the isolation area, and taking a total of three hours of rest in two times. He was scared, anxious, and then a little bit bearish. He has a flexible mind and diligent hands and feet, and is popular with doctors, nurses and patients.

  The story of the "Dalian" guy strayed into Wuhan, and the story of bitterness and joy quickly became popular.

  Jiang Wenqiang's work at Wuhan First Hospital lasted a total of 25 days and was quarantined for 14 days. On March 30, following the Dalian Medical Team, Jiang Wenqiang finally returned to his hometown. After returning home, he was quarantined for another 14 days.

Stick to the little dream of catering

  Jiang Wenqiang's embarrassment in Wuhan did not end because of his hometown. At the end of the isolation, on the way home, because my car was left for too long, the engine broke down, broke down on the highway, and encountered an emergency rescue. When I got to the door of the house, I didn't know when a pillar was installed at the door. The car hit the pillar again, and the bumper crashed. Some time ago, "Dalian" set off again to Changsha to do the contract cancellation procedure for mobile games, and there was a crash during the online taxi booking.

  Along the way, "Dalian" yelled: "I'm sorry!" Therefore, his faith in anxious to open a restaurant in his hometown is also very firm. Jiang Wenqiang said that in fact, many people stopped him from opening restaurants, saying that it is now difficult to make meals. But Jiang Wenqiang had this little dream, he felt that everyone should not do it, he should do it. "I want everyone to see it is not that hard, just stick to it and it will work."

  Text / Reporter Kuang Xiaoying co-ordinating / Chi Haibo