It was cool during the day as it rained a little over the holiday today (24th).

The temperature will rise as the day goes by this week, especially on Friday, as the daytime temperature in Seoul rises close to 30 degrees.

Tomorrow, as the sun shines strongly through the clouds, the UV index in most parts of the country will be very high.

In particular, it is better to refrain from going out from 10 am to 3 pm, when the sun is strongest.

The air quality will be okay tomorrow, but the metropolitan area will temporarily have air at night.

In the Honam region, the fog will be dense until tomorrow morning, but there may be places where the visibility is narrowed to less than 200m.

On Tuesday, the news has been heard mainly in the central and northern regions such as Seoul. 

It was the weather.

(Jeong-Ju Jung, Meteorological Caster)