China News Agency, Lhasa, May 23 (Jiang Feibo) China Seismic Network officially determined that at 2:38 in the morning on May 23, a magnitude 4.7 earthquake occurred in Gaize County (32.84 degrees north latitude, 85.61 degrees east longitude) in the Ali region of Tibet. 7 kilometers in depth. Gaize County official said that as of 10 am on the 23rd, the earthquake has not yet caused casualties and property damage.

  It is worth mentioning that, about 5 hours before the earthquake, there was also an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 with a focal depth of 7 kilometers. Li Chengshan, head of the Propaganda Department of Gaize County Committee, told reporters from China News Service that when the two earthquakes occurred, Gaise County had no quake. After investigation, the epicenter was located near Senduo Village, Gum Township in the northeast of the county.

  After the 4.8-magnitude earthquake, Gaize County sent staff to go to Gum Township for investigation overnight. "The epicenter is 18.4 kilometers away from the township government. There was a sensation when the earthquake occurred." Cao Zhiqing, a staff member on the scene, told reporters from China News Service by telephone that they would continue to conduct household surveys.

  It is reported that Ali Gaize County is located in the northwestern Tibet and the hinterland of the northern Tibetan plateau, and is the largest pure animal husbandry county in the Ali region. Due to the location of the collision between the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate, local seismic activity is relatively active.

  According to information released by China Seismic Network, there have been more than 20 earthquakes of magnitude 3 and above since the beginning of this year, the largest of which was the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred on March 12, and the earthquake caused a slight crack in 15 herdsmen's houses in the county. Immediately afterwards, the local government initiated emergency response, and the Ali area raised various types of disaster prevention and mitigation funds of 14.77 million yuan for earthquake relief. At the same time, rice, flour, rice cakes, cold-proof clothing, etc. are transported and transported to ensure the people's needs.

  Li Chengshan said that since this year, frequent earthquakes have not caused casualties. (Finish)