【Explanation】 The pace of urban life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure people are facing is also increasing. Is there a moment when you are forced to "explode in minutes" by pressure from school, work, emotion, etc.? Especially catching up with this year's epidemic, how can young people who are "suffocated" be decompressed? With various "decompression artifacts" becoming popular on social networks, various "decompression venting halls" have emerged as the Internet celebrities Punch in. Smashing bottles, throwing money, punching punches, pillow fights ... On May 22, in a decompression pavilion in eastern Jinan, Shandong, the front desk was hung with the words "rescue unhappy", and here are more than 30 different " As shown in these five words, "decompression exercise" attracts many citizens to "rescue unhappy" every day.

  [Same period] Sun Yongtao, a citizen of Jinan

  Recently I saw this decompression hall on the Internet, so I will try it. It happened that I have been under too much pressure to work recently. Come and try it. This is indeed quite decompressing.

  [Same period] Jinan citizen King Kong

  Because I can't go out, basically the phone does not leave, and lack of exercise, I feel that the overall physical quality has deteriorated. There are many purposes for coming here. It's a play and a vent.

  [Commentary] The owner of this decompression shop is called Men Jinwen. He is a standard "post-90s". He was 27 years old and graduated from the performing arts of Shandong Art Institute. He believes that the pressure on all aspects is very great now, and feels that the project of decompression hall is very promising, so he resigned and began to prepare for the decompression hall, and many of his university students have entered the performing arts circle. In order not to completely abandon the performance, Men Jinwen made full use of the performance knowledge he had learned before to better help customers relieve stress.

  [Same period] Men Jinwen, person in charge of HAHA decompression hall

  When studying majors, we also have to look at the effect of the lights on the face, plus the angle of the camera, we have done a very detailed planning. Sometimes when the customer is not in a good mood, I can also chat with him. After all, learning to perform a chat is more relaxing, because after the chat, the customer will indeed get a certain degree of relaxation, because he will always walk Walk happily.

  【Explanation】 Starry sky corridor, breathing light, meditation room ... Unlike the decompression halls in other cities, many projects in the decompression hall operated by Men Jinwen were created by him. In addition to the experiential decompression project, there are two different styles of "talking healing wall" in the decompression hall. The reporter saw on one of the "Talking to the Healing Wall" that many people wrote: The epidemic will definitely disappear, let us defeat them together. Men Jinwen told reporters that the customer's mentality is completely different before and after the epidemic.

  [Same period] Men Jinwen, person in charge of HAHA decompression hall

  At the beginning of December (2019), when our pavilion had just opened, I felt that many people played with Li Qi's attitude. Because of the epidemic, we started business after April 1st. After the business, most of the customers and office workers and students who come here may indeed suffocate at home. After coming, they can really feel that they just want to relax themselves.

  (Reported by Yang Fei Jinan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]