Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiting) On May 21, Hu Yunchuan, an air-conditioning maintenance worker in Fushun County, Sichuan Province, climbed a window to rescue a girl hanging on the 6th floor. Today (22nd), Haier, where he worked, released news that Hu Yunchuan was awarded a "seeking bravery", rewarding Hu Yunchuan with a property valued at RMB 600,000.

  The Beijing News previously reported that on the 21st, a girl in Fushun County was trapped outside the window on the 6th floor. Hu Yunchuan, an air-conditioning maintenance worker, climbed onto the 5th-floor air-conditioning machine and took the girl back to the house. Hu Yunchuan said, "I'm just anxious and rushed faster, and many well-meaning people around me are also involved in the rescue."

  Haier's official Weibo news released today that Hu Yunchuan climbed the building with his bare hands and rescued the girl hanging from the window on the 6th floor. In order to promote its spirit of courage and justice, Haier decided to award Hu Yunchuan a "cowardice for courage and justice", rewarding Hu Yunchuan with a set of real estate worth 600,000 yuan.

  At 17:00, Huang Xiaoyan, the person in charge of Haier's after-sales network in Fushun County, told the Beijing News reporter that this morning, she had received a commendation order from the headquarters of Haier Company and had informed Hu Yunchuan herself, but the specific implementation plan is still to be notified. Hu Yunchuan is still working normally today, "has not affected his normal work."