Resuscitation and hospitalizations continue to drop, according to the authorities' latest report. Around the world, South America is on the way to becoming "a new epicenter", with a particularly worrying situation in Brazil. Follow the situation live.


The epidemic ebb is confirmed in France. Hospitalizations and resuscitation continue to decline, according to the latest report from the authorities, even if the figures for daily mortality were not provided Friday evening. Thursday evening, the Directorate General of Health had reported a total of 28,215 dead.

On the political scene, the decision of the government to fix the second round of municipal elections on June 28 is not unanimous. Worldwide, the pandemic has killed more than 335,000 people, with a particularly worrying situation in South America, in Brazil in particular. Follow the situation live.

Information to remember:

  • Resuscitations and hospitalizations continue to decline, but authorities have not provided daily mortality figures
  • The holding of the second round of municipal elections on June 28 divides the political class
  • South America is a "new epicenter" of the pandemic, which has killed more than 335,000 people worldwide

Resuscitations and hospitalizations still declining

The Directorate General of Health did not provide a daily death toll on Friday, which stood at Thursday 28,215 deaths in total. Public Health France for its part indicated that there were 74 more deaths in the hospital, but the figures for Ehpad were unavailable, and it will be necessary to wait Monday, May 25 to obtain an accurate update. This decision not to communicate a new assessment follows numerous bugs in recent days, the daily mortality in medico-social establishments being sometimes even reduced.

Nevertheless, it is possible to observe signs of epidemic reflux in the data communicated Friday evening. Resuscitation and hospitalizations continue to decrease. In detail, 1,701 people are still hospitalized in intensive care, or 44 fewer serious cases. 

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The second round of municipal elections divides the political class

The holding of the second round of municipal elections, set for June 28 by the government, is not unanimous in the political class. Louis Aliot, RN deputy and candidate for mayor of Perpignan, was favorable there, Friday night on Europe 1. "I do not see what we would risk on June 28 in polling stations, to spend 20 minutes at vote, rather than spending an hour in queues in supermarkets or even on the beaches, "he said.

Jean-Pierre Blazy, PS mayor of Gonesse, in the Paris region, on the contrary "regretted" this decision on our antenna. "It is recorded, and I regret it because we do not privilege the fight against the epidemic risk", he deplored. "Our fellow citizens do not have elections as their priority," he insists. "We risk an abstention just as important as March 15, and maybe even more important."


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South America, "new epicenter" of the pandemic

If Europe is gradually disappearing and the epidemic seems to be under control in the United States, the spread of the virus is causing serious concern in South America. According to the WHO, the continent is a "new epicenter", with a particularly worrying situation in Brazil. The country has nearly 300,000 cases and 19,000 deaths for 210 million inhabitants, according to the WHO, which places it in 3rd place in the world for the number of cases, behind the United States and Russia.

Worldwide, the coronavirus has killed more than 335,000 people, according to a report by AFP. The United States is the most affected country in terms of number of deaths and cases, with 95,490 deaths for 1,590,225 cases. This is followed by the United Kingdom with 36,393 deaths, Italy (32,616), Spain (28,628) and France (28,289). 

German football (re) plays this weekend

To conclude on a happier note, there will be football on television this weekend. The Bundesliga, the German championship, will continue to be played, a week after a very media recovery. Friday night, Hertha Berlin triumphed in the capital derby, against the Union, with the final score of 4 to 0.

But the attraction of the day will not be on the lawns. The Mönchengladbach club, third to six points behind the leader, Bayern Munich, will play in front of supporters ... ghosts. His match against Bayer Leverkusen, Saturday, will be disputed in his stadium in front of 13,000 effigies of fans in boxes. The supporters paid 19 euros to be entitled to this life-size, cardboard image. What have, a little, the impression of playing in front of the public.