What's new: the quarantine crisis between Paris and London

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The United Kingdom has decided to impose from June 8, fourteen travelers arriving on its soil, including French. (Illustrative image) GettyImages / Pbombaert

By: Norbert Navarro


Tension between Paris and London. To cope with the coronavirus, the United Kingdom, from June 8, decided to impose a fortnight on travelers arriving on its soil, including French. This fortnight in the United Kingdom will apply to all foreigners, except Irish, arriving by air, sea or rail. So there will ultimately be no exception for the French neighbors,  " said Le Figaro , while yesterday in Paris, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that France could take a "  measure of reciprocity  ".

And this decision was taken by London, "  contrary to a joint press release from Downing Street and the Élysée Palace, twelve days ago , Pointe Liberation, travelers arriving from France will also be subject to this  " measure.

A fortnight upon arrival in the United Kingdom, therefore, but a strict fortnight, further emphasizes Libé . “  During these fourteen days, it will be impossible to go out, even to do food shopping, or to receive anyone. Checks at the place of the (fortnight) will be possible,  ”details Libé.

Big hopes, little boats

This fortnight, for them, is the least of their worries. " Them " are migrants who are embarking more and more on canoes in France, to cross the Pas de Calais, bound for England. Since the end of March, more than a thousand people have successfully completed the crossing. More and more, in fact, this is "despite the confinement", as a police source confided to the newspaper Le Parisien.

According to figures from the British Home Office reported by this daily, since March 23, the date of the start of confinement in the United Kingdom, " 1,243 people have indeed successfully crossed on board these" small boats " "

Why now ? Because of “ the almost total disappearance of individual cars going to England as well as the drastic drop in the number of trucks (…) in which migrants try to hide… But these are essentially the excellent weather conditions, after a rotten winter, which explain the high number of crossings ”, explains to Parisian François Guennoc, vice-president of the association the hostel of migrants, in Calais.

" 1,622 admissions were thus recorded on British soil by this means alone in 2020, against 1,800 for the whole of 201 9", points out Le Parisien.

Automobile: premiums against depression

It is at the start of the week that Emmanuel Macron must present measures to support the automotive industry. And this morning, it is again the newspaper Le Parisien which reveals some measures. Support measures for the purchase of new vehicles, which will be " reinforced ", reveals this daily.

Thus the ceiling of the ecological bonus for the acquisition of a 100% electric car, now 6000 euros, "would increase to reach between 7000 and 8000 euros ", reports Le Parisien. Which daily stresses that plug-in hybrid vehicles " would fit into the system, benefiting from a bonus of 2000 euros ".

Foot-business: when the Greens see red

The rififi following the coronavirus crisis in French football. The Saint-Etienne club, which plays in Ligue 1, announces its intention to file a complaint for " dissemination of false information " following the publication of press articles on the delicate financial situation of French professional football. AS Saint-Etienne denounces the said articles published by the Mediapart site and the sports daily L'Equipe on the state of finances in French football.

To fully appreciate this story, it should first be remembered that the day before yesterday, Mediapart revealed confidential documents indicating that " the financial crisis in professional football is much more serious than it is said, to the point that several L1 clubs are on the verge of bankruptcy ”. According to this online journal, the “ most threatenedclubs are “ Olympique de Marseille, Girondins de Bordeaux, AS Saint-Étienne and even Losc de Lille ”. And the balance sheet of French football finances drawn up by Mediapart reports " exorbitant deficits ranging from -206.3 million euros to -54.1 million euros ". And as the Professional Football League has contracted this week a loan of 224.5 million euros guaranteed by the state to bail out "its" clubs, Mediapart warned that " taxpayers risk paying the excesses of football ."

Indignant reaction, therefore, of the club of the "Greens, which denounces" supputations of a total dishonesty with regard to AS Saint-Etienne ".

Very sporty, the newspaper L'Equipe publishes the denial of this club and reports that AS Saint-Etienne denies the "false information" of Mediapart!

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